Slyanide #270ppm (Captain)

Season: 3

Slyanide is a little known, but much more lethal, cousin of cyanide. 270 parts per million of airborne Slyanide will cause death within minutes; death by seizures, apnea, and cardiac arrest. Lesser doses cause headaches, vertigo, confusion, and track cuts. This skater has poison in her veins and jammer hatred in her heart. Her derby goals include bringing the pain to opponents and protecting her fellow Res Dolls. Off the track, you’ll find her bench-pressing her twins or camping in the back-country where she fights grizzlies with her bare hands and ice cold stare.

Preferred Position:
BLOCKER!!!! fear this a$$

Why do you love being a Reservoir Doll?
Brr… it’s cold in here. The Res Doll’s cool atmosphere is the perfect temperature for the optimum flow of Slyanide’s poison.

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