Nat Splat #262

Season: 2

Nat Splat first started dreaming of derby after seeing Whip It on an international flight back in May 2015. Once back in the states she immediately found out about Wreckers, signed up for their Fall 2015 session and began her roller derby career. In her human life she is known as Natalie and enjoys biking, kayaking, puns, cooking, bird-watching, and smiling.

Preferred Position:
Jammer; but can be seen blocking from time to time.

Why do you love being a Reservoir Doll?
Nat Splat is proud to be a member of this illustrious gang of skaters known as the Reservoir Dolls. This team has nurtured her (both physically and mentally) and been a shinning example of how skaters are stronger together. Res Dolls are fiercely protective of one another both on and off the track – but push each other to become better skaters and better humans.



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