Crocodopolis #18


Skater name – Crocodopolis

Formerly known as – Allie Gator (18 ft long)

Number – 18 Ft under

Where does your evil name come from? – Crocodilopolis is the ancient center of the cult of Sobek, the Egyptian crocodile headed-god. The ancient city worshipped a tamed sacred crocodile, named Petsuchos, that was adorned with gold and gem pendants. The crocodile lived in a special temple pond and was fed by the priests with food provided by visitors. When the Petsuchos died it was mummified and buried in the necropolis of crocodiles and replaced by another living crocodile idol. The Egyptian god Sobek is associated with pharaonic power, creation, fertility, and military prowess, but serves additionally as a protective deity to ward off evil.

Evil Power – Instigator and fierce apex predator

Favorite Villain – Mystique

Position – Blocker

Years in MRD – 11

What’s your favorite candy? – ginger chews

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