A Home to Hang Our Skates

Our chant has been repeated thousands of times:


We are MRD. And so are YOU!

2006 – Skate with the Dolls


Since our inception in 2004, Madison Roller Derby has been rooted deeply in empowering female athletes in Madison. Now, 14 years later, roller derby has expanded exponentially, and MRD has, too.

2005 – Adopt a Highway

We want to continue bringing roller derby to our community and fans. This means maintaining our strong athletic development program, increasing our charitable donations, adding more community outreach activities/events/initiatives, and boosting leadership opportunities for our members.

However, the future of our current practice space is now in question, and we are ready to take action.

Over the last few months, our dedicated Executive Board has found two great opportunities. With hundreds of smart, experienced, and connected league members behind us, we’re well on our way to finalizing a decision between adapting an existing space, or building our first ever Roller Derby venue that is designed specifically for the needs of our sport and community.

2004 – Exhibition Bout

As one of the first Flat Track leagues to form and bout publicly in 2004, we have served as a pioneer in the sport and a mentor for other teams and leagues.

We are one of the founding members of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association – the international governing association of flat track roller derby (like basketball’s NBA), which now has over 400 member leagues across the globe.

  • We were one of the first leagues to bout internationally.
  • We’ve moved from lighted track rope at Fast Forward, to games at the Alliant Energy Center Coliseum.
  • We’ve built two travel teams and a recreational team.
  • We have helped a local men’s team get their wheels under them and begin a program.
  • We passed one of our sport’s most inclusive non-discrimination policies, and soon after WFTDA and other leagues followed suit.
  • We hosted the 2016 WFTDA Playoffs right here in Madison.
  • We have supported over 200 Madison organizations, community groups, businesses, and charities.

We are here to ask for your help to make this happen.

In short, we have built a legacy over the past 14 years, and we are ready to take the next inspirational leap with a dedicated Madison Roller Derby venue.

Even if we pack the stands for the rest of this season, even if we sell out of every last piece of merchandise, we will still fall short of our funding goal. Our all-volunteer, non-profit organization is hustling like mad, but we cannot do this alone. Our goal is to raise enough funds over the next 12 months to help us renovate or build a place to call HOME.

With your help, we can create a bigger, better space: great seats, proper locker rooms, event lighting, beautiful sound, and more.

With your generous contributions, we can bring you a better fan experience: more games year-round and more themes (a longer home season, 21+ games for date nights, kids’ nights, mixers, etc.), free parking, better beer, workshops, tournaments, food trucks, and more FUN.

With your support, we can provide more outreach and financial support to our community: a Junior Derby program for kids, more bout charities every year, new community events, and a place to hold fundraisers.

With your help, Madison Roller Derby can be even more.

Help us find and secure a home to #hangourskates for the long run.

Please donate any amount you can, invite your friends and family to do the same, and share our news as far and wide as you can.

Other ways to help

  • Keep coming to all of our home season games and bring your friends and family
  • Add a donation online when you purchase your tickets
  • Follow us on Facebook to stay connected and follow our progress
  • Head to Amazon Smile to link your account/purchases to Mad Rollin’ Dolls – you’ll be supporting us every time you shop!

Thank you!

We are also seeking your input on the businesses, organizations, and local charities you would like to see us partner with!

We have some ideas and plans already, but a dedicated venue provides so much more opportunity than we can think of.  If you know any businesses that you think would a great sponsors, any organizations that donate to nonprofits that focus on women’s empowerment, OR any community groups or charities that could use some volunteer time or funding, please email me at executivedirector@madisonrollerderby.org.