Interested in learning to skate and play roller derby?  You’ve come to the right place!

Wreckers is Madison Roller Derby’s (MRD) Recreational Team, and we can help you along your Roller Derby journey.  We have multiple skill levels, including our non-contact beginner 101 level all the way up to a competitive 251 level.  As you improve and develop skills you can choose to assess into higher contact level practice groups.  Each group holds practices 2-3 times each week. Can’t make all the practices? That’s okay! Wreckers is a low-pressure environment where you can learn on your schedule.

As a recreational team we do not have tryouts, but we do occasionally reach maximum level capacity that can cause us to implement a waiting list.  In order to enroll with Wreckers interested individuals, who are at least 18 and do not self-identify as male*, must attend a Wrecker sampler skate event.  We typically hold sampler skate events before our Fall and Spring Sessions, often beginning in October and February. The sampler skates provide a no-commitment opportunity to try out a very basic beginner style practice, and it includes a brief Q&A session for interested skaters.

Interested skaters do not need to provide any gear to get started with Wreckers.  We are currently able to provide FREE access to safety gear for the first month of practices, and loaner skates indefinitely.  We also provide informational sessions to teach new skaters about proper safety gear at the beginning of each session, so please don’t purchase anything until you’re able to learn more about gear and your specific needs.

Many of our skaters advance on and try out for an MRD home team, but that is your choice and not required.  Like the rest of MRD, we are completely volunteer run.  We work together and help each other develop our skating skills together as a team.  We are dedicated to creating a safe and supportive community and space to learn and compete.

Please email Wreckers@madisonrollerderby.org and let them know that you are interested in enrolling and would like to be included in our next sampler skate.

Contact us today!! 

We look forward to meeting you and sharing the joy of derby!!


*If you self-identify as male and are interested in learning to play roller derby you can contact the newly organized Mad Men Roller Derby League of Madison, WI. Wreckers is open to cisgender and transgender skaters.