Madison Roller Derby (MRD) consists of four home teams, two interleague teams, and one recreational roller derby team.

Home Teams

Quad Squad

The superheroes are back!!!

Reservoir Dolls

The Reservoir Dolls are stone cold professionals on the track. Don’t let their crisp white ties dazzle you, or they’ll swoop in and steal all the points. The Res Dolls never leave a fingerprint behind, but maybe a few bruises…

Unholy Rollers

The evilest of evil teams in roller  derby, the Unholy Rollers embrace the Dark Side. We block. We jam. We eat enemies’ souls for brunch.

No mercy! 🌮 Life.

Vaudeville Vixens

Interleague Teams

Photo Adina Butler – IGP Photo

Dairyland Dolls

The Dairyland Dolls are MRD’s all-star travel team, representing Madison on the WFTDA / international roller derby scene since 2005.

Team Unicorn

Recreational Team