Sassbot #8 (Captain)


Skating for 6 years total, this is Sassbot’s third year taking the black with the Res Dolls. When she’s not on the track, she is often cooking something extravagant, knitting, squeezing kittycats, smashing the patriarchy, or buried in a book. Sassbot couldn’t be prouder to skate with the Reservoir Dolls. The sassiest robot around, she is highly proficient in back-chat, gumption, ‘tude, crackin’ wise, and puns. Beep Boop!

Preferred Position:
All of it!

Why do you love being a Reservoir Doll?
Res Dolls are ferocious and intense. We bring so much joy and fire to the track. We push each other to be better, we support each other, and we cheer each other on. This team has a lot of history with it, and a lot of incredible badass talented hardworking skaters have come and gone. It’s incredible to be a part of building this team for the future. Wearing the tie is carrying the torch for future Res Dolls. I love my bruise family.

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