LaMarche Madness #672

From what little information the agency has collected on S. La Marche, little has been substantiated. But our investigators have assembled what they believe to be a basic profile of the agent provocateur. Born from a Canadian fur trapper and a carnival mystic, La Marche spent her formative years traveling from town to town in rural Ontario. An eye-witness account procured from a Thunder Bay ferry captain suggests she crossed Lake Superior under suspicious circumstances and went into hiding in the Wisconsin north woods. She recently resurfaced in Madison one year ago and has attracted the watchful eyes of the agency. She has held several aliases and more may yet be uncovered. We have confirmed her as Simonster, Monie, Simon, and we believe she went by the calling card of “En Voiture Simone” during a brief stint in France’s Basse-Normandie. She is most recently known as “La Marche Madness,” perhaps on account of her wide and disconcerting grin. While never convicted of a crime, where she goes chaos follows.

Vaudeville Performance: Pistol sharp shooter and Ax thrower


Photography by Gwyn Padden-Lechten


Special thanks to the Madison Masonic Center for providing a beautiful and special space for us to use as our photography location.