Hell Woods #7734 (Captain)

Position: Blocker

Wreckers Start Year: 2014

Madison Roller Derby Start Year: 2016

Other Teams: Dairyland Dolls, Team Unicorn

Unholy Skeleton Name: Lunate Lovegood

Favorite Unholy Memory: My favorite Unholy derby memory is getting whisked away on draft night and leaving nothing behind but a pile of glitter.

What are you known for on the track?
I think I am known for being a strong communicator and having good awareness.

What are you known for off the track?
Off the track I am known for wearing really big false eyelashes and changing my hair color a lot.

What skill are you looking to master/develop in 2019? Stay tuned!

What is your power song? Monster- Kanye

What is your power movie/TV show? Legally Blonde. What, like it’s hard?

What is your Bout Day must-do ritual/habit? On bout day I fuss with my wheels and put on red lipstick.

What is your favorite part of Madison derby? It is an amazingly supportive environment full of wonderful people.

What is the best derby feedback or advice you’ve ever received? Your brain is lying to you (Thanks, Box!)

Anything random you’d like to share?
I spend a lot of my time making mutant flies and looking at their motor neurons.

When does brunch start? 10AM


Red ❤️ or Gold 💛: Red ❤️

Team True Blood or Team Twilight: Team True Blood

Ever Early or Always Late: Ever Early

Halloween or Day of the Dead: Halloween

Darth Vader or Voldemort: Voldemort

Jack Skellington or Unholy Jack: Unholy Jack

Blood or Bloody Mary: Blood

Taco or Burrito: Taco

Claws or Fangs: Fangs

Bats or Cats: Cats

Burpees 🏋🏻‍♀️or Burps 😋: Burpees 🏋🏻‍♀️

Yas Kween – Abby or Ilana: Abby

Amy Schumer or Chelsea Handler: Amy Schumer

Post-Game – Party On 💃🏼 or Power Off 😴: Power Off 😴

Unholy Asshole 😈 or Unholy Sweetheart 😇: Unholy Asshole 😈

#squadgoals or Let’s get in Formation: #squadgoals

Hit Hard! or Skate Fast!: Skate Fast!