Gingah Snap #617 (Captain)

Position: Jammer, sometimes I get to block 🙂

Wreckers Start Year: 2013

Madison Roller Derby Start Year: 2015

Other Teams: Dairyland Dolls

Unholy Skeleton Name: Pelvis Costello

Unholy Taco Name: Volcano Taco

Favorite Unholy Memory: Winning my first home bout against the Res Dolls last season

What are you known for on the track? Determination, fancy footwork, hitting people in the sternum, crying when I’m happy

What are you known for off the track? 617- Boston, represent! East Coast realness, actually attending the after party, crying when I’m happy

What skill are you looking to master/develop in 2019? Stay tuned!

What is your power song? Break Stuff- Limp Bizkit

What is your power movie/TV show? Boondock Saints

What is your Bout Day must-do ritual/habit? Listening to my game day playlist while skating/dancing, eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

What is your favorite part of Madison derby? The community. The skaters, our wonderful officials and volunteers, the rabid fans…these people make the bad days worth it.

What is the best derby feedback or advice you’ve ever received? “Hustle, hustle, hustle” – My Dad

When does brunch start? 11 AM at the earliest, but noon or later is ideal.


Red ❤️ or Gold 💛: Gold 💛

Team True Blood or Team Twilight: Team Twilight

Ever Early or Always Late: Always Late

Halloween or Day of the Dead: Halloween

Darth Vader or Voldemort: Voldemort

Jack Skellington or Unholy Jack: Unholy Jack

Blood or Bloody Mary: Blood

Taco or Burrito: Taco

Claws or Fangs: Fangs

Bats 🦇 or Cats 🐈: Bats 🦇

Burpees 🏋🏻‍♀️ or Burps 😋: Burps 😋

Yas Kween – Abby or Ilana: Ilana

Amy Schumer or Chelsea Handler: Chelsea Handler

Post-Game – Party On 💃🏼 or Power Off 😴: Party On 💃🏼

Unholy Asshole 😈 or Unholy Sweetheart 😇: Unholy Asshole 😈

#squadgoals or Let’s get in Formation: Let’s get in Formation

Hit Hard! or Skate Fast!: Skate Fast!