Dive Hard #247

Position: Pivot/Blocker

Wreckers Start Year: 2010?

Madison Roller Derby Start Year: 2011

Unholy Skeleton Name: Nicholas Ribcage

What are you known for off the track? Leaving early.

What skill are you looking to master/develop in 2019? Stay tuned!

What is your power song? Santagold- Creator

What is your Bout Day must-do ritual/habit? Eat a Jimmy John’s sandwich.

When does brunch start? 9:00 AM


Red ❤️ or Gold 💛: Red ❤️

Team True Blood or Team Twilight: Team Twilight

Ever Early or Always Late: Ever Early

Halloween or Day of the Dead: Halloween

Darth Vader or Voldemort: Voldemort

Jack Skellington or Unholy Jack: Jack Skellington

Blood or Bloody Mary: Blood

Taco or Burrito: Taco

Claws or Fangs: Fangs

Bats 🦇 or Cats 🐈: Cats 🐈

Burpees 🏋🏻‍♀️ or Burps 😋: Burps 😋

Yas Kween – Abby or Ilana: Abby

Post-Game – Party On 💃🏼 or Power Off 😴: Power Off 😴

Unholy Asshole 😈 or Unholy Sweetheart 😇: Unholy Asshole 😈

#squadgoals or Let’s get in Formation: Let’s get in Formation

Hit Hard! or Skate Fast!: Hit Hard!