Conan the MEAN Librarian #796


Skater name – Conan the MEAN Librarian

Former Name – Conan the Librarian

Number – 796

Evil Power – As loud as she can be when yelling at someone else to be quiet, Conan can also move without making noise, and appear from nowhere if you’re up to something. If you talk in the library, return books late or sneak food in the library, she will lose it! Tread lightly! If you make her mad, don’t expect any help with your research paper.

Favorite Villain – Phyllis “Pizzazz” Gabor of The Misfits (from Jem and the Holograms)

Who is your nemesis? – The old Conan would be hanging out with superhero America Chavez at Sotomayor University. But this twisted Librarian’s ultimate foe is DC’s The Question, for obvious reasons. She would easily slay him with all the information she can access.

Position – Blocker

Years in MRD – 5th with MRD, plus 3 with Duke City Derby in NM before that

What’s your favorite candy? – No food or drinks in the library! (But you can slide a bag of gummy worms my way if you want first dibs on new releases.)

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