Block Ness Monster #565

Season: 5

About Block Ness Monster:
Mons is a human who spends most of her time curled over a drawing board or a human body, making art. Right now she’s focusing on botanicals, blackwork, and art that reclaims/affirms body and spirit. She’s also working to help making her shop a radically safe space for all people. She wants you to know that you’re stronger than you’re giving yourself credit for, and that you probably have more people rooting for you than you could ever know.

Preferred Position:
Blocker. I don’t think I realized how much fun I have blocking until I started training to jam. That said, don’t be surprised if you see me wearing a hat with a fashionable stripe or star this season…

Why do you love being a Reservoir Doll?
I love being a Res Doll because it provides me a family, and lets me enjoy the larger family that is MRD, where I get to experience the company and wisdom of my cousins in the other home and travel teams. The Res Dolls have given me my best friends (especially Knocking Jay, who has since moved to California partially for the love of my wonderful brother, so she’s now even MORE like a sister if that’s possible), life role models (like Fist Amendment, who is now in Kansas City defending the innocent and taking no shit on the side (can I say shit on here?), among others), and the chance to spend quality time with incredible, diverse, opinionated, kick-ass humans (too many to list, but whose names grace rosters back 12 years, and whose names I’m now just getting to know, who will amaze and astonish Madison and the roller derby world for another 12 and more to come). I’m so grateful to the Res Dolls for giving me a space to get my skates under me, for holding me up when I fall, and for constantly wanting better for each other and the world.

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