What is Leggy?!?!

Picture this…. it’s 2005 and MRD is closing in on the first ever home season championship.  You need something to give to the winners as a trophy.  What do you do???  Well… here is the story of our championship trophy, Leggy.

From Tatum Tantrum (MRD alum): “I found her (a mannequin) in an alley behind a row of shops in Long Beach is 2001. I named her Japhy after the character Japhy Ryder in Jack Kerouac’s Dharma Bums. She traveled with me back to Chicago and then to Madison. She stood in my front window of my apartment on Johnson Street until one day she fell over and her head cracked in half, as well as a broken arm.

As we were trying to figure out what to do for a trophy, I decided then that she was ready to make that sacrifice for our league. So that way, she could live on forever.

I propped her up in my living room and with ski goggles on and a bandana over my nose and mouth, I began to saw her leg off. My roommate was very confused when he walked into the apartment to see my hacking at Japhys leg with ski goggles on. Haha!

The roller skate was a Barbie skate I found at St. Vinnies and wore to the first day of derby. (Which was not the first for some of you, but the first for most of us just after the expo bout, I believe it was Nov 8, 2004).”

From Mouse: “The skates and mannequin belonged to Tatum Tantrum, and the Res Dolls built Leggy in Paine Mansfield’s driveway on Johnson St less than a week before the first championship game! The original knee pad is an elbow pad of league cofounder Pam Demonium. It has an actual bullet in it from a trip to a firing range at some point. Leggy has lots of adventure stories over the years!”

2017 Champions – Photo by Ron Wilbur