northside-planning-council-logoNorthside Planning Council is a nonprofit community development corporation located on the northside of Madison. With the goal of advancing racial and economic equity, NPC’s areas of focus include small business incubation, food security, regional food system coordination, vocational training, commercial district revitalization, community journalism and technology, grassroots leadership development, and community organizing. NPC oversees programs such as Healthy Food For All (ensuring all Dance county children and families can access affordable, healthy, and culturally appropriate food to achieve better health outcomes and quality of life), and the FEED Bakery Training Program (providing job training for un/under-employed people in Dane Co by teaching baking skills and life skills, getting them ServSafe and WI Bakers Association certified, and providing mentoring and job search assistance following graduation).




Established in 1985, the Wisconsin Indian Education Association works to promote educational opportunities for Indian people in Wisconsin through a unified effort of Indian and non-Indian members interested in the social and economic advancement of Indian people. Board members actively focus on issues that affect Indian education in many ways, including meeting with state legislators about teaching Wisconsin Indian history in public schools, advising the Department of Public Instruction about issues affecting Indians in public schools, and providing input to both the UW system schools and Wisconsin Technical College Systems regarding recruitment and retention of minority students and an equitable distribution of funds for multicultural programs. WIEA also oversees the disbursement of scholarship monies for American Indian students in Wisconsin, and holds an annual Statewide Indian Education Conference every April.



Founded in 1980, the Rainbow Project is a local, non-profit counseling clinic that provides crisis treatment and early intervention services to young children and their families who have experienced or witnessed trauma, such as child abuse, child sexual abuse, neglect, domestic violence and community violence. The Rainbow Project’s unique “hands- on” approach is unlike that of any other therapy clinic because it includes home, daycare and school visits as well as in-clinic treatment. It is the Rainbow Project’s mission to provide all families with a safe, healthy and nurturing world where children can thrive.




Gilda’s Club offers a supportive, welcoming environment for those with cancer, along with their families and friends. Gilda’s Club is a place where people of all ages can share their experiences, questions, and feelings while sharing a cup of coffee, playing in the kids’ Noogieland area, or participating in support groups. Gilda’s also offers lectures, workshops, and a variety of social events from Spring Potlucks to Game Nights. The Wellness Community and Gilda’s Club offers about 50 locations throughout the US and Canada for people to come together and find emotional and social support during their cancer journey.




OutReach works to create a community where the presence and contribution of LGBTQ people are welcomed and celebrated; where intolerance is challenged and defeated; where justice prevails; and where civil rights of all people are valued and respected. Willma’s Fund specifically works to help homeless LGBTQ community members.