Open Doors for Refugees is an all-volunteer group formed to help refugees make a home in the Madison area. We are a non faith-based group comprised of individuals from various faith and no-faith traditions. At a time when the refugee crisis in our world is mounting and many doors and hearts remain closed, ODFR encourages the greater Madison community to offer a welcoming, safe, supportive and appreciative place for those who are able to come here. We collect donations of furniture and household items and use them to set up apartments for incoming refugees.  Open Doors for Refugees also provide interpretation, transportation, cultural orientation, ESL, and employment services.  Finally, we have a gift certificate program wherein people purchase and donate gift certificates from a variety of thrift, department, and food stores.  We in turn give those gift cards to refugees.Open Doors for Refugees have 501(c)3 status through our fiscal agent, the Center for Community Stewardship. Periodically, we host large public events to raise awareness of the refugee crisis abroad and support for local refugees.
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Heartland Farm Sanctuary is Wisconsin’s rescue resource for farm animals and serves as one of the state’s only shelters devoted to the care and rehabilitation of pigs, goats, chickens, and other farm animals in need. Every year, the sanctuary provides the last chance for dozens of abused, neglected, and abandoned farm animals who have nowhere else to go. And each animal rescued gives back to thousands of people each year. Led by licensed counselors and knowledgeable animal care staff, Heartland offers therapeutic animal-assisted programs for children and adults with special needs, at-risk youth, and youth and adults who have been traumatized from abuse or other significant loss in their lives. Heartland Farm Sanctuary also provides an experiential basis for children to learn about animals in a way not found in the traditional classroom. Each year our barn doors open to dozens of school and youth community groups and our popular Heartland Summer Camp gives hundreds of children a chance to meet our rescued animals and learn the Heartland ABCs – Awareness of others, Being kind to ourselves and each other, and Compassion for all.  We created Heartland to provide a safe, peaceful environment where youth and farm animals could come together to heal, grow, and have fun.




Dane County Humane Society’s mission is to help people help animals. We are an open admission shelter saving all of the healthy and treatable animals who come into our care. Approximately 9,000 animals pass through our doors every year including companion animals, exotic species, farm animals, small mammals, and orphaned or injured wildlife. We serve as the stray animal holding facility for Dane County, and we reunite over 1,000 lost pets with their families each year. DCHS is a recognized leader in providing many services including low cost spay/neuter, humane education, adoption services, and wildlife rehabilitation.




Supporting Childhood Cancer Research and Patient Care at the University of Wisconsin
At UW Carbone Cancer Center and American Family Children’s Hospital, our vision for the future of childhood cancer is to not only save every cancer patient, but to eliminate the risks that come with traditional cancer treatments. Simply put, we believe we can turn cancer from a life-threatening disease into a treatable and manageable one. Building on this accomplished record of success, the University of Wisconsin is launching the Fighting Cancer So Kids Won’t Have To fundraising initiative to support expanded efforts in childhood cancer research and patient care. The possibilities for research and treatment of childhood cancer are limitless, and with your help, we can break through to the next generation of cancer treatment.




Indigenous Girls Rock Camp is a Spirit of a Woman program which builds girls’ self-esteem through music creation and performance. Providing workshops and technical training, we create leadership opportunities, cultivate a supportive community of peers and mentors, and encourage social change and the development of life skills