Recap! Season 14 Game 4 – April 7th, 2018

Unholy Rollers 212, Vaudeville Vixens 151 (Stats)

The Mad Rollin’ Dolls took over the Alliant Energy Center Colosseum for Talk (Kentucky) Derby to Me!  The 2018 semi-finals were to be a re-match of the season opening match-ups. In that first bout, the Vaudeville Vixens came from behind in the final jam and prevailed for the win. This was sure to be exciting!

The Vixens were the first out of the gate and had a 12-1 lead after 3 jams. The Unholy Rollers were spurred into action and responded with an 8 point jam by Shananaguns followed by an 18 point jam by Gertrude Awakening. The Unholies went on to hold the Vixens scoreless for the next 4 jams and extended their lead to 46-21 after 9 jams. In the 10th jam, Vixen’s jammer Blanche Devereauxxx took lead jammer and the Unholies began a parade to the penalty box. Still, with the help of great blocking by Hell Woods, the Vixens were held to just 9 points in that jam.

The next 3 jams went the way of the Vixens and came all the way back to tie the game at 46. A sequence of jammer penalties helped the Unholies build up their first sizeable lead. The Vixens weren’t going to stay down and took full advantage of power jam situations including a 19 point jam from Vixens’ Rookie, LaMarche Madness. The half ended with the Unholy Rollers on top, 100 – 80.

The second half began with a series of low scoring jams as the Vixens galloped back to within 7 points. Hearing the approaching hoof beats, the Unholies kicked back into action. Power jams and strong defensive play allowed the Unholies to get high scoring jams from Gingah Snap (who scored 37 of her 57 points in two jams), and Tango de Muerte (for whom 20 of her 56 points came in 1 jam). The Unholy Rollers cruised to the finish, 212-151

While the second half may have belonged to the Unholy Rollers, the Vixens had many bright spots throughout the evening. Blocker notables were Neon, Whiskey ChaseHer, Bonnie Riot, and Lemon Dropkick. Offensively, Dalek Doll lead the way for her team with 42 points. LaMarche Madness and Blanche Devereauxxx both had 36 points.

Bad Squad (Quad Squad) 163, Reservoir Dolls 134 (Stats)

When the Bad Squad and the Reservoir Dolls met in week one, the Reservoir Dolls shocked the defending champion by taking the win in a closely matched bout. The Reservoir Dolls went on to go undefeated and grabbed the top spot in the semi-final. The Bad Squad needed a win in the rematch if they were to have a chance to defend their title from last year.

The first half started with the Reservoir Dolls jumping out to an early lead while stifling the high powered jamming of the Bad Squad. The Res Dolls had a 16-0 lead after 5 jams. The Bedazzler finally got the Bad Squad on the board by putting up 14 points in the 7th jam with the help of spectacular offensive and defensive play by Crocodopolis. Three jams later, The Trickster pulled the Bad Squad into the lead, 30-21. The lead didn’t last long as Mouse from the Reservoir Dolls cruised for 24 of her 68 points and retook the lead two jams later. Defensively, the Bad Squad pinned the Reservoir Dolls along the rail and held them scoreless for the next 8 jams and would only put up 10 more points in the half.  The half ended with the Bad Squad in front 86-59.

The second half began with both teams trading lead jammer. When a jammer wasn’t lead, they were out quickly behind them making for a lot of low scoring jams. Defensively, Bad Squad had solid blocking throughout by Quilla DeVille, Murderface, Chick Chick Boom, and Crocodopolis. The Reservoir Dolls defense wasn’t laying down. The Res Dolls had solid defense from Lips Smacker, The Mad Gabber, Calla Dewilde, and Frankie Fatale. Gradually, however, the Bad Squad pulled away from the Res Dolls on their way back to the Finals. The final score: Bad Squad 160, Reservoir Dolls 134.

On the stat sheet, Upset lead the way for the Bad Squad with 53 points, but it should be noted that they had 5 jammers with more than 20 points. For the Reservoir Dolls, Lady Who-ha was hot off the line and earned Lead Jammer in 12 of 18 jams. The Res Dolls will take on the Vaudeville Vixens in the 3rd place game in 3 weeks. The Bad Squad will defend their title and face the Unholy Rollers in the 2018 Season Final.