Recap! Season 14 Game 3 – March 3rd, 2018

Unholy Rollers 151, Reservoir Dolls 198 (stats)

Fans packed the seats at Alliant Energy Exhibition Hall on Saturday, March 3rd for the Mad Rollin’ Dolls 3rd Game of the 2018 season. Up first, the Unholy Rollers (1-1) faced off against the undefeated Reservoir Dolls (2-0). The score was tied at 10 going into the 5th jam of the bout when Res Dolls’ jammer, Nat Splat, took advantage of a power jam situation and picked up 17 points. The next 3 jams went the way of the Unholies and they held the Res Dolls scoreless while pulling themselves to within 3 points. Momentum shifted again, and the Res Dolls picked up another 10 point jam from Nat Splat. The Res Dolls slowly built their lead to 20 over the Unholies. Even so, the Unholies had some notable blocking from Goldman Smacks, the Manipulator, Toast, and Polly Avarice, making things difficult for the Reservoir Dolls jammers.

Photo Courtesy: Nuoffer Media

On the stat sheet, the first half was evenly matched. In 25 jams, The Unholy Rollers took lead Jammer 12 times to the Reservoir Dolls 10. For the Unholies, Gingah Snap lead the scoring for her team in the half with 22 points while on the other side, Nat Splat lead the Res Dolls with 36 of her total 48 points. The first half concluded with the Reservoir Dolls on top 66-57.

The second half didn’t take long to get interesting. In the third jam, Shananaguns powered through for 16 points for the Unholies. In the following jam, Unholy triple threat, Gertrude Awakening picked up another 16 points for the undead, resulting in the first lead change since the 4th jam of the game. Unholies now lead 90-84. The lead didn’t last long, however, since on the very next jam, all 4 Unholy blockers and jammer spent time in the penalty box. The Res Dolls’ Lady Who-ha took advantage and pulled out a 34 point jam. The lead returned to Res Dolls 118-94.

Photo Courtesy: Nuoffer Media

The Unholies never said die though, and Shananaguns picked up 34 of her team high 49 points, and Gertrude Awakening found all 42 of her points in the half. But they were never able to retake the lead from the Reservoir Dolls. Lady Who-ha finished the night leading all jammers in the game with a total of 58 points. Mouse followed with 50 points – 45 of which were unanswered by opposing Unholies jammers. The final score was Unholy Rollers 151 and the Reservoir Dolls 198.




Vaudeville Vixens 195, Bad (Quad) Squad 174 (stats)

Photo Courtesy: Nuoffer Media

The evening’s second bout had the Vaudeville Vixens (1-1) facing the Bad Squad (0-2). Bad Squad jumped out to an early lead, grabbing lead jammer on the first three jams, but the Vixens forced quick call-offs and minimal points. In the fourth jam, Dalek Doll turned things up for the Vixens and flew around the track for 22 points, taking the lead from the Bad Squad. The score stayed tight until the 10th jam, when the Vixens started with a short pack and lost their jammer on a penalty. Bad Squad’s Upset rounded the track for 17 unanswered points, retaking the lead for Bad Squad. Rolls reversed on the very next jam though when Vixens’ jammer, Jostlin’ Hell, took advantage of a power jam in her favor and rattled off 13 unanswered points, tying the game at 42. But the derby gods giveth, and the derby gods taketh away. The Bad Squad retook the lead on the next jam, and added another 15 points from Upset in yet another power jam with the help of some excellent offence from teammates Murderface, Conan the *mean* Librarian, Jaws, and The Smiler.

The Vixens dug in and retook momentum, earning lead jammer status and stifling the Bad Squad offense. In the 16th jam, Dalek Doll took advantage of another power jam situation and excellent offense by teammates Whiskey ChaseHer, Bonnie Riot, Wolframmer, and LaMarche Madness. The result was a 27 point jam and retaking the lead for the Vixens. The Vixens took lead jammer status on the final ten jams of the half, more than doubling their score and held the Bad Squad to just 5 points. The half ended with the Vaudeville Vixens on top– 112 to the Bad Squad’s 63.

Photo Courtesy: Nuoffer Media

The Bad Squad came out in the second half hungry, and picked up lead on 3 of the first 4 jams, scratching away at the Vixens’ lead. Bad Squad blockers kept the Vixens’ scoring to a minimum. Upset picked up another 9 points followed by The Trickster, who grabbed 8 after receiving a star pass. In the 7th jam of the half, Serifier broke through for lead and caught the Vixens revolving to the penalty box allowing her to grab another 14 points for the Bad Squad. Four jams later, the Trickster picked up another 15 more unanswered points courtesy of a Vixen jammer penalty.

The Vixens bent, but did not break, even as the Bad Squad pulled to within 15 points. Leading scorers for their respective teams, Upset and Dalek Doll faced off in the 17 th jam of the 2 nd half. Both jammers traded penalties and Dalek Doll came away with a 16 point jam to try to widen the gap. The Bad Squad were able to bring the score to within 9 points, but the Vixens had another 2 high scoring jams from Dalek Doll (who finished the evening with 99 points—the highest of all jammers that night) and an additional 4 points from Black Velvet to hold off the surge from Bad Squad’s Spam (49 points total), Upset (63 points total), and the Trickster (26 points). The Vixens beat the Quad Squad 195-174.