Recap! Season 14 Game 2 – February 3, 2018

Unholy Rollers 173, Quad Squad 150 (Stats)

Bout 2 of the Season 14 home season raised sails as the Pirates of the Coliseum took to the track on Saturday, February 3rd. The first bout of the evening featured the Unholy Rollers and the Quad Squad who were both looking for their first win of the season.  The bout began with the Quad Squad taking a quick 7-0 lead, however the Unholies fired right back. With some strong blocking up front, the Unholy Rollers took lead jammer on each of the next 5 jams while holding the Quad Squad scoreless. Chick Chick Boom finally broke the streak and took lead jammer in the 8th jam.  A penalty ended that advantage, but not after finally breaking the Quad Squad’s scoring drought.

Photo Courtesy: Nuoffer Media

Quad Squad struggled to gain any momentum as the Unholy Rollers took lead jammer on 17 of the 23 jams in the first half alone and Quad Squad kept the penalty box seats warm. Quad Squad had a break when Serifier picked up 14 points towards the end of the first half, even though her team started with a short pack. Gingah Snap answered 3 jams later and picked up 17 points of her team leading 67 points. The half ended with the Unholy Rollers having a commanding 103-50 lead.

To start the second half, the Unholy Rollers continued to dominate off the jam line and picked up 12 leads for the half. They also continued their strong team defense, with notable blocking from team captain Off Me Rocker, rookie Rhubarbarian, and *Kel*Fire*Warrior.

Photo Courtesy: Nuoffer Media



The Quad Squad rode on the back of Upset, who took lead jammer in each of her jams in the second half and had several double digit jams on the way to her total 107 points for the night. Quad Squad also had strong jamming from The Trickster who forced many quick call-offs by the Unholy jammers. Though Quad Squad out-scored the Unholies in the second half, they came up short and the Unholy Rollers sailed to their first victory, 173-150.



Vaudeville Vixens 180, Reservoir Dolls 224 (Stats)

            The second bout of the night had the Vaudeville Vixens facing off against the Reservoir Dolls. Both teams were coming off of victories in the first bout. The Vixens dominated the jam line in the first half and Black Velvet and Shantastic McAwesome showed off their footwork to get around the Reservoir Dolls blockers. Overall, the Vixens earned lead jammer status on 15 of the first 23 Jams.

Photo Courtesy: Nuoffer Media

Not to be outdone, Lady Who-ha and Blitz Siren put up some big jams in the first half as well. Towards the end of the first half, Lady Who-ha scored 17 points courtesy of a power jam and some excellent offense being played by Res Dolls blockers Lips Macker, Block Ness Monster, Frankie Fatale, and Critical Tits.

The half ended with the Vixens out front 113-80.

The second half started with renewed defensive strength by the Res Dolls and they began chipping away at the Vixen’s lead. In the 6th jam of the half, Lady Who-ha danced through the pack for 12 unanswered points bringing the Res Dolls within striking distance. Two jams later, Nat Splat picked up 15 points for the Res Dolls and a lead change with the score of 121-122.

Photo Courtesy: Nuoffer Media


Plagued by jammer penalties, the Vixens struggled to get much going. The Res Dolls took full advantage of the power jams given to them with double digit jams from Lady Who-ha, Mouse, and Blitz Siren. The Vixens continued to try to maintain the lead with help from Shantastic McAwesome and Black Velvet (who lead the way with 88 points). Ultimately, it wasn’t enough and Vixens walked the plank with the final score of Vixens 180 and the Reservoir Dolls 224.




– Anonymous