Summer Training Session Registration OPEN NOW

Our summer session is open to skaters of all (or no!) skill levels. Learn to Skate (Level 1) is non-contact and will teach the skills you need to be comfortable with wheels on your feet. Skate to Learn (Level 2) is a more advanced session for those with prior skating experience. Come train with some of the best roller derby athletes around and learn everything from basic skating skills to game play and strategy.

Interested? Registration is OPEN NOW:

Please read the descriptions below and only sign up for one level. If you sign up for Level 2 – Skate to Learn, we will be assessing skaters during the first week to see if they pass a minimum skills test to start contact.  All skaters are welcome in Level 1 – Learn to Skate, and we may recommend skaters shift from Level 2 to Level 1 after assessments.

Practices for all sessions begin the week of June 13. All practices will be held at Fast Forward Skate Center, located at 4649 Verona Road.

You do not have to participate in any of the summer training sessions to try out for the Mad Rollin’ Dolls later this year. Tryouts generally are held during the month of September, and we will reach out with more information as Fall approaches.

There are no attendance requirements for either session. Skills will build over the course of the session, so we would recommend trying to attend regularly so you don’t fall behind, but we realize life happens too. You can come to as many or as few practices as you’d like, but cost will not be adjusted if you miss practices.

Both levels are open to adults aged 18 years or older and female or non-binary identified. If you are male identified and would like to play the game, we recommend contacting the awesome Mad Men Roller Derby for training and play opportunities:

Interested in becoming a skating or non-skating official? All genders are welcome and we will teach you everything you need to know to officiate this sport. Please email and we’ll put you in touch with the officiating crew.

Level 1 – Learn to Skate

If you’re new to roller derby, haven’t been on skates in years, or want to keep working on core skills like good stance, stride, balance, and other skills you’ll need to pass your WFTDA minimum skills test and play roller derby, this is the level for you.

Level 1 – Learn to Skate will be run by our recreational team, Wreckers Madison Roller Derby (MWD).  Practices for this level will be Wednesdays from 4:30-6:30pm (doors open at 4:15) and Saturdays 8:00-10:00am (doors open at 7:45), beginning Wednesday June 14, and going through Saturday, September 16. Cost will be $40/month, or $120 total for the session. You will not need to purchase additional WFTDA insurance for this level.


All skaters must provide their own mouthguard for the first practice. A lot of us like the Sisu Aero Mouthguard, but any sports mouth guard will do. Please remember to NOT purchase any gear until you have attended a gear talk or have talked to our gear pivot, Ironcide ( We will be allowing gear to be borrowed for the first month or so of practice (helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards), and the roller rink brownie skates are available to borrow for practice indefinitely if you don’t have your own. If you’d like to purchase your own gear, our very own Mouse has a skate shop inside Fast Forward and gives wonderful advice if you’re unsure on what you need. She also has mouthguards available for purchase.

Important Dates:

Wednesday, 6/14: Start of the Summer Session: 101 will be practicing 4:30-6:30; doors open at 4:15. **Please bring tennis shoes to every practice for possible off skates warm-up.

Saturday, 6/17: Wreckers Kickoff Orientation Meeting,10:00-11:00 am. Location will be in a party room at Fast Forward. Business will start as soon as everybody is de-geared. We strongly encourage all members to attend this meeting.

Saturday 6/24: Gear Talk: After practice in the TV or party room at Fast Forward.

Level 1 Registration

To sign up for Level 1 – Learn to Skate, please follow the link below and fill out the registration information.

Level 1 – Learn to Skate Wreckers Summer Registration Link

If you have any questions or any problems with the registration form, please email Audi and Bub at

Level 2 – Skate to Learn

Level 2 – Skate to Learn, will be led by the Mad Rollin’ Dolls (MRD). Practices for this level will be Tuesdays from 5:30-7:30 pm (doors open at 5:15) and Thursdays from 4:30-6:30 pm (doors open at 4:15). This level will start the week of June 13, and will be a 10-week session ending August 19. Cost will be $40/month, or $100 total, for the 10 weeks.

We recommend this level for those with some prior skating experience who are able to pass their WFTDA mins (excluding 27/5). This level will be contact, and will work on core skills, building to scrimmage scenarios toward the middle/end. Skaters who have been involved on the recreational team, Wreckers Madison Roller Derby, and have completed 151 or above will generally be comfortable at this level. Skaters who have completed 101 and have tested into 151 are encouraged to attend assessments to see which level will be the best fit for them.

Level 2 Registration

To sign up for Level 2 – Skate to Learn, please follow the link below and fill out the registration information.  We will also have you complete and sign two paper forms prior to gearing up for assessments, along with collecting payment for the session.


The cost of the session is $40/month, or $100 total for the 10 weeks. You may pay monthly or in a lump sum. The first month’s fee, $40, must be paid at or prior to assessments. We accept cash, check, or PayPal. If you do not pay on or before the first day of the session, you will not be allowed to skate. If you are assessed into Level 1 – Learn to Skate, your dues and registration information will be transferred.

  • If you’d like to use PayPal, please use the following link and make sure you choose “send money to friends and family” and put “Level 2 Dues” and the name you used to register above in the note to sender.  PayPal Link

WFTDA Insurance

Level 2 practices will require that you purchase additional insurance from the WFTDA, which will cost $80.  It looks like it has gone up $5 from $75 to $80 since I had last checked. Details to purchase WFTDA insurance are below. We don’t recommend purchasing WFTDA insurance if you don’t already have it until after assessments during the first week of the session. You may not need it if you are assessed into the non-contact level. WFTDA insurance must be purchased prior to the first day of Level 2 practices after assessments and will cover you until 12/31/2017.

  • To purchase WFTDA Insurance, go to this website and follow the prompts:

  • Please select Mad Rollin’ Dolls as the league with which you are skating. Once you have purchased your WFTDA Insurance, look for an email (within the week) prompting you to log in to your WFTDA account and sign the WFTDA NDA. Please do so immediately upon receipt of the prompt. Please email Hoppe (deannahoppe@gmail) directly if you have any issues.

Assessments for Level 2 – Skate to Learn

On day 1 of the session (June 13) you will fill out all the necessary paperwork to participate in Level 2 – Skate to Learn. You will also get a piece of tape to stick to your helmet that will have your assessment number. On day 2 (June 15) we will continue to test whatever we did not get to on day 1. If you can’t be there day 1, you will fill out your paperwork on day 2 and we’ll get you started. If you cannot make any of these dates for assessments, please email me directly and we will work something out.

Don’t know what WFTDA minimum skills are? Take a look here under Skater Training and Safety

We look forward to skating with you this summer!