Recap! Season 13 Home Opener – Dec. 10, 2016

Gertrude Awakening and Hammer Abby face off – photo by Justin Nuoffer

Quad Squad 202, Unholy Rollers 143 (stats)

The die-hard fans of the Mad Rollin’ Dolls braved the snow Saturday, December 10th to take in the 2017 Season Opener. The first bout of the evening featured the Unholy Rollers against the Quad Squad. The Defending Champs wasted no time getting on the board, quickly getting lead on the first two jams and jumping to a 14-0 lead. The Unholies finally got some points on a lead jam by Gingah Snap, grabbing nine of her team-high 61 tallies. Team Green’s defense went back to stifling the Unholy jammers, allowing only seven points over the next 12 minutes.

Quad Squad jammers kept steady pressure on the opposing defense, getting lead on seven consecutive jams, highlighted by Pied Typer’s 15-point power jam to put her team ahead 56-12. Four minutes later Hammer Abby, who led all skaters with 64 points, sprung through for 10 points after being freed up by a super crushing block from Wendy U. Wannadie. Team Green was up 74-16 and looking to put the game out of reach.

The Unholy Rollers found themselves in a struggle to stay in the game. With just over seven minutes left in the half, Gingah Snap came through again, this time on a 17- point power jam. She and rookie Toast were the only Unholy jammers to score at all in the first half, until Fang Dangled squeaked through the pack for a single point in the last jam of the period. The half ended with the Quad Squad holding a commanding-but-not-insurmountable lead, 110-48.

The Unholies came out with renewed vigor to start the second half. Their jammers charged out ahead of the pack, getting lead for the first six jams of the period, with jammers Fang Dangled, Gertrude Awakening, and Tango de Muerte contributing to the scoring effort. Seven minutes in, the Quad Squad’s lead was down to 119-80.

Hammer Abby got her team out of their offensive funk, slashing for 20 points on a power jam. Eight minutes later, Chicago transfer Eleanor Bruisevelt scored her first points as a Mad Rollin’ Doll, sliding through for nine points assisted by blockers Conan The Librarian and Thrill Show. The teams traded lead jams for the rest of the game, keeping the Unholies from extending their surge. The Quad Squad continued the quest to defend their title, winning 202-143.

Mouse breaks through – photo by David Nuoffer

Vaudeville Vixens 301, Reservoir Dolls 115 (stats)

The second bout of the evening featured the surging Vaudeville Vixens, focused on avenging last season’s heartbreaking second place finish, against the young and hopeful Reservoir Dolls. The Vixens began the game by steadily out-pacing the Res Dolls, behind tough jams from Black Velvet, Dalek Doll, and Jostlin’ Hell. Res Doll veterans Mouse, Ladie Who-Ha, and Blitz Siren kept their team relatively close for a while, until Dalek Doll peeled off 19 points on a power jam. Shantastic McAwesome cruised for 18 more on the next jam, and with over 18 minutes gone in the first half, the Vixens were enjoying a 103-27 lead.

As the Vixens kept piling on the points, scoring for the Reservoir Dolls was hard to come by, thanks to soul-crushing defense from Neon Arzach, One Hit Wanda, and Donna Stunner. The best the Res Dolls could muster as the half neared its end was an eight-point power jam from Sassbot. The half ended with the Skate Crime Syndicate in a 93- point hole, 141-48.

The Vaudeville Vixens continued their push early in the second half. In the third jam of the period, Black Velvet weaved through the pack for 24 points. Three jams later, Shantastic McAwesome and Jostlin’ Hell spun through for 11 each on consecutive jams. Eight minutes into the half, the Vixens led 199-53.

Staying true to the character that she has displayed in her previous 12 seasons, Mouse mounted a single-handed quest to bring her team back to life. She put up 27 of her team-high 59 points on a power jam. It was not enough to demoralize the opposition, as the Vixens’ defense gave up only a total of four points over the next eight minutes. This allowed their offense to score at will, with Blanche Devereauxxx leading the onslaught with a game-high 72 points. Mouse finally pushed her team over the century mark, adding 18 points on the final jam.

The Vixens cruised to a 301-115 victory.

NEXT GAME: January 7 at the Alliant Energy Center Exhibition Halls

Thanks to Nuoffer Photography

– recap by Peter Rabid