Mad Rollin’ Dolls Season 13 Preview

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – home season! Mad Rollin’ Dolls home teams and support are hard at work preparing for our season opener on Dec. 10 at the Alliant Energy Center’s Exhibition Hall (doors at 5, action at 6 p.m.). Below, get a sneak peak behind-the-scenes of the changes, progress, shake-ups, and insights from the Quad Squad, Unholy Rollers, Reservoir Dolls, and Vaudeville Vixens, and then get your tickets for the main event!


Photo by Douglas Otto / Papa Razzi

Unholy Rollers, draft night, fall 2016

The Unholy Rollers have the darkest souls on the league. Known for their cutting wit and cunning remarks they roll as sweethearts with a bite.

Newly Drafted: Goldman Smacks, *Kel*Fire*Warrior*, Roni Kickshins, Skullz B Kraken, Toast

Other Lineup Changes: Dive Hard stepped down from active skating but is staying on to help with training and on the bench. Jen Detta, Sugar Rush, and Magic Missile are going to be cheering from the stands and Blanche Devereauxxx decided she’s of a foxy sort and moved to the Vaudeville Vixens.

Captain Thoughts (Hello, Sailor!): “We are going to be working hard at fundamentals and becoming a cohesive unit on the track. We’re in a transition phase, so really the key priority is getting us all on the same page. I’m excited to see our jammers light things up. We have vet jammers ready to run and are also looking to add pinch-hitters to the rotation both from our vet blocking corps and rookie class. For blockers, I’m looking forward to the pack coming together in an ‘All D All Day’ mentality while also working on the Gift of Offense. Our focus is on accomplishing and celebrating the great things we will do, big and small, jam by jam as a team. Better together!”


Photo by Douglas Otto / Papa Razzi

Reservoir Dolls, draft night, fall 2016

The Reservoir Dolls are ready to take on their thirteenth season of roller derby! We are representing the Skate Crime Syndicate with a mix of new and old talent this year. We have had to say goodbye to some seasoned veterans; some have hung up their skates, moved across the USA, or decided to represent Madison and dedicate their time to interleague gameplay. We wish them the best with their new endeavors! The Heat, Knockingjay, Charlie Hustle, Shananaguns and Gene Lane will not be joining us on the track this season, but Gene can still be spotted on bout day as she supports the team from the bench.

The Res Dolls have gathered a new crop of white-tie wearing skaters and we are so excited to hit the track with them! Welcome our four newest skaters: Auntie Matter, Miss Mechanix, and Nat Splat. Frankie Fatale has also joined as a transfer skater from Brewcity Bruisers – Rushin’ Rollettes. There is also a rumor going around that someone has been practicing their Windsor knots on their old white tie in preparation of their return from Rose City, but that’s confidential. Pretty Reckless is also back for our thirteenth season as our bench staff and head of training along with Wipeout Scout who is beginning her 3rd season as Res Doll Captain.


Photo by Douglas Otto / Papa Razzi

Quad Squad, draft night, fall 2016

Captain’s Thoughts (Battlefrog): “Our merry band of superheroes are hitting the ground running and hoping to continue the momentum we had coming off of an undefeated season last year. As defending champs, I’m looking forward to seeing what the other home teams bring, and I believe it’s going to be a really fun competitive season!”

Challenges/what we’re working on: Every season is a brand new team. This year, we’ve had some leadership changes, lost some skaters to retirement, and welcomed a returning QS veteran, two rookies, and four new bench members. Last year, Quad Squad was very proud at how organic our teamwork became. As we approach Bout 1, we are keeping this same type of mindset. We are learning how this new team works together, building trust, smoothing out the kinks, and building our green machine.

Newly Drafted: Ahna Roll (transfer from Rose City), Eleanor Bruisevelt (transfer from Windy City) / Newly Returned: Haser (formerly Hazed & Contused)

We’ve got an awesome bench and training staff this year, too! Stevie Kix has moved from skating into a bench support role, and she’ll be joined by Ironcide, Abby Waumblock, and Crass Knuckles (formerly Erin Shank-a-Bitch and returning QS bench from Season 11).

Captains: Battlefrog and Thrill Show


Photo by Douglas Otto / Papa Razzi

Vaudeville Vixens, draft night, fall 2016

The Vaudeville Vixens are a motley crew of fierce and foxy skaters who have combined our many talents to bring you an enchanting exhibition of athleticism. Don’t let our pretty faces fool you–we are always in beast mode, hence our reputation as #teamprettybeast. This season we have a great blend of veterans and new talent. We are welcoming three rookies to the roster: Bonnie Riot, Wolframmer, and Radiosmacktive. We also have a transfer from the Unholy Rollers–Blanche Devereauxxx. We added former Vixen Tipsy Velvet to our bench line-up as well. The Vixens plan to continue our tradition of working hard while having fun and doing it for the butter!

Captains: A Magnitude 10 and Feminine Hyjinx