Mad Rollin’ Dolls bout recap – 2016 CHAMPIONSHIPS


Photo by Steve Jurkovic

Reservoir Dolls 200, Unholy Rollers 173

The excitement level was through the roof going into the highly anticipated Mad Rollin Dolls league Championship bout on Saturday May 7th. The first game of the night in the Coliseum was the Grudge Match, the consolation match-up for third place between the Unholy Rollers and the Reservoir Dolls. The Unholy Rollers got on top early on jams from Gertrude Awakening and Jen Detta, and harassing defense by Fang Dangled and Blanche Derereauxxx. After the first four jams, the Unholies were blanking the Res Dolls 18-0. The offensive dominance continued for the Unholies, as Gingah Snap bolted for 14 and 13 point jams on her way to a team high 59 points. The Res Dolls were able to crawl out of their hole, thanks mainly to a 16-point power jam from Lips Macker. With just over eleven minutes left in the half, The Res Dolls trimmed the deficit to two points, 48-46.

On the next jam, Sassbot rolled for nine points to put the Res Dolls up 55-52. The defense for the Team in Black then shut the Unholies jammers down, holding them scoreless for the next five jams, thanks in part to blockers Mass Myrtle, Gene Lane, and Ladie Who-Ha. Nearing the end of the period, Blanche Devereauxx charged through the pack for 19, getting the Unholies to within four, 75-71. Sassbot was able to get her team some breathing room to end the half, skating for 15 as her teammates Siouxpernova and Call DeWilde forced a track cut foul on Gertrude Awakening. Going into the locker rooms, the Reservoir Dolls held a 90- 76 lead.

When the second half began, the Res Dolls defense went back into domination mode, with Siouxpernova and Calla DeWilde again teaming up to keep the Unholy jammers off the board. Five minutes later, the Skate Crime Syndicate was up by 39 points, 119-80. The Unholies were able to regroup, holding the Res Dolls scoreless for the next four jams. Blanche Devereauxxx added 20 points and Gingah Snap broke out for 18 to get their team within one point, 119-118.

Going into the final minutes of the game, the action continued to intensify. Jen Detta put the Unholies ahead with a 13 point effort. Mouse, who seemed to come through for her team at the most crucial moments, snuck through for 20 of her game- high 94 tallies, putting the Res Dolls back on top. Jen Detta was able to blast through for 15 more, cutting the Res Dolls lead to two, 164-162. Mouse spun around the pack for 25 to finally put enough points between her team and the Unholy Rollers. The Unholies ran out of time to mount a significant comeback. The game ended with the Reservoir Dolls victorious, 200-173.


Photo by Steve Jurkovic

Quad Squad 184, Vaudeville Vixens 180

The end of the night was guaranteed to crown a new champion for the first time since 2013. MRD fans were eager to see who that new champion would be, hoping that this game would be as wild a ride as the first game. The first few minutes of the game consisted of short jams, keeping things close. Seven minutes in, the Quad Squad held a slim lead, 21-20. The Vixens went on top on the next jam, a nine point scamper from Black Velvet, and were able to stay a short distance ahead of the opposition for a few jams, due to some key blocking by Neon Arzach, One Hit Wanda, and Bandana Split.

The remaining 15 minutes of the half was a see-saw battle nearly every jam. Thrill Show put Team Green back on top, scoring nine on a power jam. Shantastic McAwesome grabbed the lead back for the Vixens on the next jam, scoring nine of her game-high 70 points. Darkhorse got the lead back for the Quad Squad the ensuing jam, and then Jostlin’ Hell put her team ahead with a Grand Slam. Three lead changes later, Team Green skated off the track at intermission up 108-101.

The Vixens got the lead back after half time, thanks to a couple scoring runs by Jostlin’ Hell and a 24 point effort from Shantastic McAwesome, putting the Vixens ahead 135- 108. However, their offense stalled, leaving room for Team Green to inch closer on the scoreboard. With 19 minutes left in the game, the Vixens held a slim 140-135 lead.

The team in pink was able to put together a few minutes of tough defense, allowing only three points over the next five minutes. Hammer Abby was finally able to break through for 12 of her team-high 54 points to get the Quad Squad back to within eight, 158-150. Thrill Show got the lead back for Team Green with just under nine minutes left in the game.

Scoring was difficult from that point through the remainder of the contest. The teams were separated by no more than four points at any time. Going into the final jam, Quad Squad held a scant four-point advantage, 184-180, with Black Velvet squaring off against Hammer Abby. Both jammers were recycled twice each trying to break out of the pack. Finally, Hammer Abby was able to distance herself from the pack enough to clinch the lead jam, and the championship. The Quad Squad hoisted “Leggy” for the fourth time in the league’s history.

Mad Rollin’ Dolls home teams now take a well earned break until the fall, but the summer months mean our all-stars, the Dairyland Dolls, are on the move! Keep your eyes peeled for news about our hard hitting travel team as they represent Madison on the international roller derby level!
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– Peter Rabid