Mad Rollin’ Dolls “Too Hoth to Handle” bout recaps: Feb. 20, 2016


Photo by Steve Jurkovic

Quad Squad 218, Unholy Rollers 119

The unseasonably warm weather didn’t keep the legions of local roller derby fans from selling out the Alliant Energy Center on Saturday, February 20. Many followed the “Too Hoth to Handle” theme of the night and came out dressed as their favorite Star Wars characters to see the Unholy Rollers battle the Quad Squad in the first bout of the evening. Team Green struck hard and fast with a 14-point jam by Thrill Show. They continued to seize lead jammer status consistently for the first 13 minutes of the game, jumping out to an early 63-18 lead. On the next jam, Unholy Roller jammer Gingah Snap tried to reverse her team’s fortunes by scoring nine of her game-high 55 points and then grabbing 11 more three jams later, which brought the Unholies to within 33 points, 74-41.

Both defenses were rough on jammers in this game. In one instance, both jammers were recycled twice each before the pack cleared turn one. Quad Squad’s blockers yielded little for the opposition for the last ten minutes of the first half. The Unholies’ defenders fared almost as well during that time span, until Darkhorse reeled off 15 in a power jam near the end of the half. But even then, her actions were punished by a great defensive move by rookie Off Me Rocker. The final three jams of the period went on without any significant advances by either team. Quad Squad headed to the locker rooms with a 108-63 advantage.

The game went back and forth for the first seven minutes of the second half. Scarlett O’Snareya and Blanche Devereauxxx scored seven and eight points respectively to try to get the Unholy Rollers back in the game. Hammer Abby responded with 13 of her team-high 53 points to keep the Unholies at bay.  Gingah Snap answered back decisively with ten points to get her team within 40 points of Team Green, 129-89.

The next ten minutes saw the Quad Squad defense allow very few opportunities for the Unholy jammers to trickle through. Efforts by Brokeback Jac, Conan the Librarian, and Crystal Ice were crucial to allowing only ten points in that stretch, all ten of which were scored by Gingah Snap in her continued heroic effort to bring her team within striking distance. Meanwhile, the Quad Squad were able to slowly add to their lead, despite harassing defense by the opposition, namely from Jen Detta, Tango de Muerte, and Hello, Sailor.

Heading into the last 11 minutes of the game, Quad Squad blockers kept the Unholies from getting lead jam all but once. Scoring was tough for both teams, but the Quad Squad was able to gradually add to their lead. When the last four short whistle blasts ended the final jam, Quad Squad was victorious with a 218-119 final score.

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Photo by Steve Jurkovic

Vaudeville Vixens 210, Reservoir Dolls 146

Two 1-1 teams met in the second bout of the evening, both eager to improve their team’s seeding going into the semifinals. The Reservoir Dolls, on their quest for their fourth straight MRD championship, met the Vaudeville Vixens as they continued their efforts to rise in the league standings. The Vixens got off to a fast start behind jams from Black Velvet and B’zerk Lee and some explosive hits from Darling Nikki.  Five minutes into the game, the team in hot pink was up 29-7. Soon the tables were turned, thanks to a 14-point power jam by Ladie Who-Ha, who put the Res Dolls up by four points. Soon thereafter Black Velvet scored a total of 16 points of her game-high 82 tallies to put the Vixens back up 46-36.

The see-saw battle continued to intensify as Charlie Hustle provided timely blocks to spring Ladie Who-Ha for 26 of her team-high 72 points, putting the Res Dolls back on top with 11 minutes remaining in the half. Four jams later, Black Velvet hustled for 14 more to put the Vixens back on top 80-72. The team in black kept pressing to get the lead back, with a 15-point power jam by Blitz Siren to cap it off, sending her team off the track at the end of the half up 95-82.

The Vaudeville Vixens started the second half bound and determined to get the lead back and keep it that way. They executed that plan by getting lead jammer status on eight straight jams to start the half and by holding the Res Dolls scoreless during that time. Eight minutes into the period, the Vixens were looking in their rearview mirror at the Reservoir Dolls, leading by a score of 119-95.

The team in pink continued their second half domination with another seven straight lead jams and tough defense by Lemon Dropkick, Feminine Hyjinx, and Whiskey ChaseHer. Skaters on both teams started to show signs of fatigue. Blocker penalties started piling up, leaving no places to sit in the sin bin. Despite a lack of blockers on one particular jam, B’Zerk Lee reeled off 14 of her 55 total points to put her team up by 43, 173-130.

With ten minutes left in the game the Res Dolls awoke from their scoring funk, finally able to get lead jams, with Lips Macker and Blitz Siren getting in on the scoring, but their defense proved unable to close the floodgates on the Vixens. The game ended with the Res Dolls falling short and the Vixens continuing their rise, 210-146.

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– recaps by Peter Rabid


The next game will be SEMI-FINALS on April 23 and it’s a TRIPLE HEADER!

Once again our own recreational team, the Mad Wreckin’ Dolls, will be taking the track to test their mettle against visiting Baraboo – doors open early at 3:45 with the game kicking off at 4:15 p.m.

Semi-finals seedings are in! The Reservoir Dolls (1-2) will face off against the Vaudeville Vixens (2-1) once again, and the so-far undefeated Quad Squad (3-0) will take on the Unholy Rollers (1-2). These games will determine who plays for the Championship trophy in May!