Bout Recaps: Dairyland Dolls A & B teams vs. Milwaukee Blitzdkrieg & Windy City B


Photo used with permission by Dave Schrader

Dairyland Dolls (A) 279, Milwaukee Blitzdkrieg 160

Roller derby fans gathered at the Hartmeyer Ice Arena on Saturday, June 20 seeking shelter from the rains and keen to get their derby on. The first bout of the evening featured the Mad Rollin’ Dolls‘ Dairyland Dolls A team and the men’s team to our east, the Milwaukee Blitzdkrieg. Milwaukee got an early lead until Mouse caught fire, scoring 30 on a power jam while her counterpart, Alter-Nate, spent two turns in the penalty box. The very next jam, D-Rek grabbed 10 of his team-high 55 points to bring his team closer, narrowing the deficit to 34- 26. From then on, however, it was Dairyland jammers Magic Missile, Mack the Knife, and Mouse who dominated the rest of the half.

The Dairyland jammer trio maneuvered agilely through and around the often short-handed opposing packs. Milwaukee was having difficulty staying out of trouble, and the Double-D’s had no problem exploiting it. With 10 minutes left in the first half, Mack the Knife netted 17 points on a power jam. On the next jam, Magic Missle grabbed 24 more. Four minutes later, Mouse dashed for 19. Hugh Suck managed to scrape out 13 points between trips to the penalty box for the Blitzdkrieg, bringing his team closer, but the Dairyland blockers held their opponents scoreless for the last three jams of the half, which ended with the Double D’s ahead 146-77.

In a rare opportunity to jam, Scarlett O’Snareya charged through the pack for 10 points to start the second half after a star pass. She, along with fellow blockers Shananaguns, Tipsy Velvet, and Micromauler flexed their collective muscle in the second half. The Dairyland defenders forced track cut penalties, knocked opponents down, and generally gave Milwaukee’s jammers fits. Halfway through the first half, Dairyland led 208-139, and with Alter-Nate and Hugh Suck fouling out for Milwaukee, the Double D’s looked to extend their lead.

The Blitzdkrieg were held scoreless on three consecutive jams twice in the last eleven minutes of the game. Don of the Dead and Brad the Impaler were able to spring jammer Kingpin for eight points to end one of the scoreless streaks, but relentless badgering by Dairyland’s blockers coupled with Mouse’s game-high 115 points left the visitors on the losing end. The final score was 279-160 in favor of the home team.

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Photo used with permission by Dave Schrader

Dairyland Dolls (B) 261, Windy City Rollers Second Wind 104

The second bout of the evening pitted the Second Wind B team from Chicago’s Windy City Rollers against the Dairyland Dolls B team. This was to be the third match in a series between the two teams, with the first meeting a year ago at the Midwest BrewHaHa where Windy City took the Double D’s to school, outscoring them 334-83. More recently, DDs B avenged that first loss with a 233-153 win over the Second Wind on their home turf in Lombard, Illinois. Fans anxiously awaited the result of the tie-breaking rematch.

Dairyland wasted no time in trying to get the upper hand. Ladie Who-ha reeled off nine points in the opening jam. Two minutes later, Hammer Abby busted through for nine more. After Fang Dangled skated for 10 points eight minutes into the game, Dairyland found themselves ahead 41-9.

Second Wind’s Hat Trixxxie scampered for eleven to shorten the gap, but her team could only muster three more points over the next 15 minutes. Dairyland blockers A-Magnitude and Hello, Sailor stymied Windy City’s jammers. In one jam, Sailor recycled Maulicious three times. With Second Wind’s jammers occupied, Fang Dangled and Gertrude Awakening continued to score for the Double D’s. Hat Trixxxie and Maulicious were finally able to get through the pack for five and 10 points respectively to end the half. Windy City headed to the locker room at the break in a 120 point hole, down 158-38.

Ladie Who-ha started the second half much like she started the first, scoring points with no answer from the opposing jammer. Dairyland’s defense took over again. While Sequin Destroyher started a jam in the penalty box, teammates Dive Hard, Gertrude Awakening and Micromauler kept Second Wind’s jammer Sugar Rush contained long enough for Sequin to serve her time, skate through for her initial pass, and break out to get lead jam. The Double D’s held their opponents scoreless for a seven minute stretch during the first part of the half.

Windy City was not without some shining moments in the second half: Maulicious skated through for 18 of her team-high 49 points, followed up by a 12 point effort from Lucy Wreckardo. Blockers Christian Mangle, Suga Smaxxx, and Dawn Ting helped hold Dairyland scoreless for a five minute stretch towards the end of the game. The hole was too deep to climb out from, though, and with a 99 point scoring effort from Fang Dangled, 56 for Gertrude Awakening, 48 for Ladie Who-ha, and 44 for Hammer Abby, the Dairyland Dolls emerged victorious, 261-104.

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– by Peter Rabid