Mad Rollin’ Dolls “TRIPLE THREAT” bout recaps: April 25, 2015


Photo by Dutcher Photography

Rumble Beez 224, Black ‘N’ Bluebirds 222 (stats)

Local roller derby fans were in for a special treat Saturday night, April 25. Fans flocked to the Dane County Coliseum to see an exhibition bout for the two teams that comprise the Mad Wreckin’ Dolls, Madison’s recreational derby league. The first of three bouts of the night featured the Black ‘N’ Bluebirds against the Rumble Beez.

The Bluebirds started out with the upper hand for the first few minutes of the bout, with Black Velvet doing most of the scoring. The Beez kept it close, eventually taking a 38-32 lead with One Hit Wanda’s 14-point run nine minutes into the game. Three minutes later, though, the ‘Birds were back on top 54-42 and began to extend their lead.

The ‘Birds distanced themselves from the Beez by as much as 41 points with help from jams by Off Me Rocker and Toast and smothering defense by Maggie and SiouxperNova. The Beez came storming back on Cannonball-Z’s 30-point power jam to put her team on top at the end of the half, 117-116.

The Rumble Beez carried their momentum into the second half aided by strategic offensive blocking by Pinkie The Glitterator and Crystal Ice. Their efforts freed up Cannonball-Z, who led the Beez in scoring with 38 points. Ten minutes into the second half, the Beez were up 162-143, and looked as though they were on the verge of putting the game out of reach.

Black Velvet, who led all scorers with 63 points, fought through the pack for 17 to bring the ‘Birds to within two. After a couple of lead changes and three scoreless jams in a row, the Beez were nursing a 14-point lead with five minutes left, content on milking the game clock. Going into the final jam of the game, with the Beez clinging to a seven point lead, Black Velvet hustled for 13 points to put the ‘Birds ahead. Before she could call off the jam, however, Arch Enema was able to sneak by enough of the pack to eke out a 224-222 victory for the Rumble Beez.


Photo by Dutcher Photography

Unholy Rollers 190, Quad Squad 103 (stats)

The crowd was electric by the time the Unholy Rollers and the Quad Squad took to the track for the second bout of the evening. This was a defensive battle from the first whistle blast. Neither team was able to do any decisive scoring until Fang Dangled pushed through for 15 points in a power jam 16 minutes into the first half, putting the Unholies up 51-21.

The Quad Squad could not get into a scoring rhythm at all in the first half. Blocking by the Unholies’ Goldie Mean, Tango de Muerte, and Twisted Halo kept Team Green’s jammers concerning themselves more with staying upright than scoring points. On three separate occasions, the Unholies held their opponents scoreless for four consecutive jams. The Unholies went into halftime leading 94-32.

Quad Squad fared better in the second half, doubling the points scored in the first and keeping things remarkably clean, with just 16 penalties over all. However, Magic Missle sparked the Unholy Rollers out of the gate after the break, scoring 22 points over her first jams of the second half. She would lead all scorers with 79 on the night. The Quad Squad found their legs offensively, scoring with consistency to start the half. Sequin Destroyher put together a string of scoring jams for Team Green until the defense of the Unholies resumed their dominance.

The Quad Squad went for an eight minute long scoring drought while the Unholies’ jammers grabbed lead jam status and stayed out of the penalty box, slowly adding to their lead. Eventually Suzy Homewrecker broke through for 15 of her team high 27 points on a power jam, but it was not nearly enough, as the Quad Squad fell to the Unholy Rollers 190-103.


Photo by Dutcher Photography

Reservoir Dolls 303, Vaudeville Vixens 101 (stats)

The Reservoir Dolls knew they would be playing the Unholy Rollers in the MRD Championship game next month before they even rolled out onto the track for the third bout of the evening against the Vaudeville Vixens. The only question in everyone’s mind was whether or not they would still be undefeated. Dalek Doll seized a glimmer of hope for the Vixens, getting her team a four point lead after the first jam. That woke up the Res Dolls, who proceeded to mount a scoring onslaught, and hold the Vixens scoreless for six jams to go up 56-13 eleven minutes into the game.

After scoring 30 points over the next three jams, it looked like the Vixens might be back on track, but the blockers of the Skate Crime Syndicate shut the Vixens out for the next 14 minutes. They also went on a scoring spree that put them up by 99 points at half time 142-43.

Wipeout Scout and Charlie Hustle started out the second half with jams of ten and 20 points respectively for the Reservoir Dolls. The Vaudeville Vixens remained in their funk, unable to put points on the board. By the 15 minute mark in the half, the Vixens had only managed to score six points more points since the break.

The Vixens got a little mojo back when Feminine Hijinkx passed her star ahead of the pack to Nefarious when the whistle blew to start the jam. Unencumbered by opposing blockers, she was able to cruise for nine of her team high 24 points. The Vixens would continue to score points on the remaining jams but the deficit would prove to be too great. The Reservoir Dolls won handily, 303-101. Sproutin’ a Tail led the Res Dolls with 61 points.

CHAMPIONSHIP BOUT: May 9 at the Exhibition Hall at Alliant Energy Center, watch the Quad Squad and the Vaudeville Vixens challenge each other for third place, while the still undefeated Reservoir Dolls face off with the Unholy Rollers for first place and a chance at the championship Leg trophy! More info here.

– Peter Rabid