Mad Rollin’ Dolls “Fire on the Flat Track” bout recaps: April 4, 2015

april4_2015_mikerausch_2Unholy Rollers 198, Vaudeville Vixens 132

Excitement was in the air on Saturday, April 4 at the Alliant Energy Center. The Mad Rollin’ Dolls took to the floor for the fifth time in the 2015 season, and in the first bout the Vaudeville Vixens clashed with the Unholy Rollers. The Unholies got off to a quick start in the first two jams, but Dalek Doll reeled in 19 of her team-high 59 points in a power jam five minutes into the game to close the deficit to 24-19. The Vixens continued to keep it close, coming to within two points of the lead halfway through the first half.

The Unholy Rollers’ blockers dominated both offensively and defensively in the first half. They forced holes in the Vixens’ defense, limiting the Vixens to only getting two lead jams in the first period. Coordinated efforts by the Unholies’ defense, particularly those of Hello Sailor, Goldie Mean, and Micromauler, held the opposition scoreless for two 5 minute stretches in the half. The half ended with the Unholies on top 111-86.

The second half started with another six minute scoreless stretch for the Vixens until Dalek Doll finally broke out of the pack for 10 points behind a wall consisting of Smart Ash, STank Girl, Hoppe-Go-Lucky, and Harley Sin. B’Zerk Lee got lead on the next jam for the Vixens, weaving her way through for a Grand Slam, but then the Unholy Rollers took over.

From that point on, Splatter Alice began to put the game out of reach, bulldozing her way en route to a game-high 73 points, getting lead jam each time she wore the star. Fang Dangled chipped in 29, getting most of those points going away in the second half. The Vixens were only able to muster four points in the final eight minutes of the game. The Unholy Rollers triumphed 198- 132.

april4_2015_mikerausch_3Reservoir Dolls 242, Quad Squad 107

The Quad Squad was next in the chute to try to unseat the undefeated Reservoir Dolls. They jumped out to an early lead with the grim determination to do just that. They held the Res Dolls scoreless for a six minute span behind great defense from Slayhound, Girl Friday, and Wendy U. Wannadie, while Sequin Destroyher hustled for 24 of her team-high 42 points.

Halfway through the period, though, the Skate Crime Syndicate came back, thanks to Mouse’s 15-point sprint on a power jam, putting her team up 57-51. They began to pull away with Mouse, Blitz Siren, and Charlie Hustle supplying the scoring. Their defense tightened down, allowing the Quad Squad only three points in the last 12 minutes of the half. The first period ended with the Res Dolls doubling up the Quad Squad, 126-63.

Team Green sped off at the opening whistle of the second half, getting nine quick points before jammer Sequin Destroyher was sent to the penalty box. The Res Dolls regrouped and went back to scoring at will. Mouse continued her scoring onslaught, eventually hanging 94 points on the Quad Squad.

Despite spending the next few minutes clawing for a few points here and there, the Quad Squad eventually succumbed to the opposing blockers. The Heat, Busta Crimes, and Glock Ness battered Green jammers, giving up only three points in the last 15 minutes of the game. The Reservoir Dolls cruised to a 242-107 victory.

– recaps by Peter Rabid

The next bout will be held on April 25 at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI.