Mad Rollin’ Dolls “Spring Rollin'” bout recaps: March 21, 2015


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Quad Squad 193, Vaudeville Vixens 141


The Alliant Energy Center was the place to be on Saturday night, March 21 for the Mad Rollin’ Dolls’ fourth bout of the 2015 season. In game one, the confident Quad Squad faced the Vaudeville Vixens, who were still seeking their first win of the season.

From the opening whistle the Vaudeville Vixens cranked up the intensity with coordinated blocking attacks by A Magnitude, Shantastic McAwesome, and Smart Ash. Their efforts led the way for Kenna Vendetta, Montana Slamma, and Jostlin’ Hell Burnell to put their team up 44-39 thirteen minutes into the first half.

The game stayed relatively close until Allie Gator pushed through the pack for 20 points while Vixen jammer Nefarious occupied the Sin Bin for two different infractions, putting Team Green up 83-60. The Vixen jammers had difficulty staying out of trouble for the rest of the half, as Hammer Abby and Suzy Homewrecker piled up points on power jams. The first half ended 123-65 in favor of the Quad Squad.

The Quad Squad continued their onslaught into the second half with jams by Mack the Knife, who led all scorers in the half with 55 points (71 overall). With 12 minutes left in the game, Team Green led 170-97 and appeared to be running away.

The Vixens put together a scoring drive with blocking by Darling Nikki and B’Zerk Lee paving the way for jammer Feminine Hijinks to do some damage. Jostlin’ Hell Burnell added 12 of her team-high 38 points on a power jam, scattering a short-handed Quad Squad pack in her wake and bringing the Vixens to within 29 points with six minutes left in the game. Quad Squad was then able to capture lead on the last few jams and eventually hold off the Vixens 193- 141.


Photo by Dutcher Photography

Reservoir Dolls 180, Unholy Rollers 133


Game two featured an Unholy Roller squad intent on knocking off the undefeated Reservoir Dolls. However, the Res Dolls showed that it would not be an easy task by sprinting out to an early lead. Seventeen minutes into the game, the Skate Crime Syndicate was up 60-17. Charlie Hustle scored 30 of her game-high 48 points during that stretch for the Res Dolls.

Fang Dangled sparked a rally for the Unholies, scoring 13 on a power jam, followed up by a 19 point effort by Splatter Alice. Despite getting lead jam status for the rest of the half, their blockers could not suppress the Res Doll jammers. Blitz Siren punctuated the end of the first half with a nine point scamper, putting her team ahead of the Unholy Rollers 97-59.

The second half began with the Reservoir Doll blockers flexing their collective muscle, putting the clamps on opposing jammers. In one instance, Mouse, Stank Girl, and Glock Ness provided an impenetrable wall, keeping Gertrude Awakening from getting through the pack while Shananguns sat in the penalty box. During another eight minute stretch, the Unholies scored 29 points on lead jams, but could only put a seven point dent in their deficit. Halfway through the second half, they trailed 135-94.

The Unholy Rollers continued to struggle with the opposing defense for a few more minutes, but a change in strategy made things a bit more interesting. By stopping the clock in between jams, the Unholies were able to get a few more opportunities to close the gap. Tango de Muerte was able to scramble for 20 of her team-high 45 points in the final minutes of the game, but it would not be enough. The Res Dolls held on to win 180-133.

– Peter Rabid

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