Mad Rollin’ Dolls Love & Derby bout recaps: Feb. 21, 2015

Reservoir Dolls 314, Vaudeville Vixens 144

On Saturday, February 21 the Mad Rollin’ Dolls put their mad skills on display in front of a sold out crowd at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin. The first bout of the evening matched the undefeated Reservoir Dolls against the Vaudeville Vixens. The Vixens brought back MRD veterans and fan favorites Darling Nikki and Tipsy Velvet to help fill in for injured teammates and perhaps provide a spark for the young squad, determined to get into the win column for the first time this season.

The Res Dolls got out to a quick lead from the start, but tenacious scoring efforts by Harley Sin and Dalek Doll kept the Vixens within striking distance. Then, with ten minutes left in the half, Blitz Siren cruised through for 16 of her game-high 70 points to put the Res Dolls up 105- 45.

The Vixens finished out the half scoring points on each jam, but couldn’t stop the Reservoir Dolls’ jammers from adding to their lead. Mouse added to that gap with 16 points in a jam where she served time for two penalties and each one of her four blockers also took their turns in the sin bin. The half ended with the Res Dolls up 142-76.

Team Zebra continued their onslaught of whistle blasts in the second half, judiciously keeping a very physical game from getting out of control. Busta Crimes fouled out four minutes into the second half, and two of her teammates in the Skate Crime Syndicate came dangerously close to having to leave the game for infractions as well. Blitz Siren and Knockingjay put the finishing touches on the rout, scoring 30 and 12 respectively on the last two jams of the game, securing a 314-144 victory and maintaining the Res Dolls’ undefeated streak.

Dalek Doll led the Vixens in scoring for the third straight time, hustling through for a total of 39 points.

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Unholy Rollers 191, Quad Squad 158

The Quad Squad and the Unholy Rollers laced up their skates to face off in the evening’s second bout. Initially the Unholies had difficulty scoring, and when they did, they had to have Magic Missile wearing the star. Ten minutes into the bout the score was Quad Squad 34, Magic Missile 28. Her teammates eventually joined her in the effort, with Gertrude Awakening going for 18 points in a power jam to put the Unholies up 58-47.

Points were hard to come by for both teams for the remainder of the half. Neither team scored at all in the last four jams of the period. When the half ended and after several lead changes, the Unholy Rollers held onto a slim 76-62 lead.

The Quad Squad won lead jam status on ten of the first 13 jams of the second half, clawing back to a 14 point lead, 132-118. Mack the Knife, jamming for Quad Squad, did most of the heavy lifting during that stretch, en route to scoring a team- high 52 points for the night. On the very next jam, Fang Dangled scored 15 of her 61 points to take the lead back for the Unholies with ten minutes remaining in the game.

The game stayed close for the next four jams until Gertrude Awakening came up big in the clutch again, scoring 20 on a power jam to finally give the Unholy Rollers a little bit of breathing room. Missile scored 17 of her game high 84 points down the final stretch to seal the victory for the Unholies, 191-158.

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