Mad Rollin’ Dolls New Year’s Derby bout recaps: January 3, 2015

dec_2015_bout_2_posterReservoir Dolls 244, Quad Squad 119 

The Mad Rollin’ Dolls rang in the New Year with their second installment of the 2015 season on Saturday January 3. Local roller derby fans filed into the Alliant Energy Center to take in the first bout of the evening, a battle between the two highest seeded teams: the Reservoir Dolls and the Quad Squad. Six minutes into the game, Team Green got out to a 15-12 lead, gaining effectiveness out of consistent lead jam status.

The game stayed relatively even for the next few minutes until jammers Hammer Abby and Ladie Who-ha each got whistled twice in the same jam for a variety of infractions. By the time the smoke cleared, Who-ha was able to put the Res Dolls ahead by 20, 41-21. Shortly thereafter, penalty trouble for Quad Squad jammers allowed the Res Dolls to mount a succession of power jams, eventually pulling to an 87- point lead at the end of the half, 137-50.

The Reservoir Dolls’ defense kept constant pressure on the Quad Squad from the beginning of the second half. Their offense consistently scored points on lead jams, led by Ladie Who-ha’s 67 points and a 42 point effort by Hops Scotch.

Despite being somewhat stymied by the opposing defense, Quad Squad was able to rely on Sequin Destroyher and Hammer Abby, scoring 48 and 25 respectively. Allie Gator added some excitement to the final jam of the game, valiantly pushing through for 15 points, but the Reservoir Dolls prevailed 244-119.

Unholy Rollers 316, Vaudeville Vixens 137 

In the second bout of the night, the Unholy Rollers and the Vaudeville Vixens fought each other to get into the win column for the first time this season. The Unholies jumped out to an early lead, with the Vixens never far behind. Five minutes into the period, the Vixens scrapped to a 25-22 lead on Dalek Doll’s ten point scamper. But Magic Missle’s 18 point jam and a 20 point jam by The Manipulator put the Unholy Rollers back on top, gaining a sizable lead just over halfway into the period.

From that point the Unholies began to pile on with big jams by Gertrude Awakening and Splatter Alice. Their defense also put the screws to the Vixens jammers, allowing only 17 points in the second half of the period. The half ended with the Unholies ahead, 148-69.

The Vaudeville Vixens started strong in the second half. A star pass to Jostlin’ Hell Burnell netted the Vixens 10 in the half’s first jam. Then the Vixens went on a scoring drought that lasted nearly eight minutes. Meanwhile, Magic Missile torched the Vixens’ defense for a game high 80 points. Eleven different Unholies got in on the scoring.

Dalek Doll led the Vixens in scoring for the second straight month, gutting out a hard-fought 35 points. Jostlin’ Hell Burnell dashed for 19 in the closing minutes of the game, but her team came up short to the Unholy Rollers, 316-137.

– Peter Rabid

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