Meet Your League! Part 5.

Welcome to a new, regular feature on the MRD blog: Meet Your League! In this series, we’ll be profiling skaters, referees, and support staff to help you get a little more familiar with the incredible people who make this league tick.

Then come on out to the Barn (Hartmeyer Ice Arena, 1834 Commercial Ave. in Madison) on Saturday, August 9–early! doors at 3, action at 4:30–to watch all three MRD travel teams take on the Chicago Outfit: Team Unicorn vs. The Shakedown, then Dairyland Dolls A team vs. The Syndicate, and finally DDs B Team vs. The Shade Brigade. TRIPLE HEADER! Tailgating in the parking lot, good times.

recklessPretty Reckless – #23 – Dairyland Dolls (B)

Nickname: Reckless, Reck, Necklace, Breakfast
Home Team: Reservoir Dolls
Positions Played: Bench Manager
Years Participated: 5
MRD League Job: Dairyland Dolls B Team captain, 2014-15 Res Doll co-captain, admin committee
How did you find derby? I worked with Little Bo Bleep (retired Res Doll) and she noted that I had an eye for the game. She asked me to try giving benching a shot and I have been here ever since!
Proudest interleague derby moment: There are a few: The DD 7th place finish at the 2012 North Central Regional tournament was very emotional. Also, winning the 2014 B-Cup Tournament with the DD B-Team in 2014. 
Players that inspire you–MRD or otherwise: Blanking here…too many to choose from. I love to watch Nock Nock from Bay Area skate–she has a power behind her strides that is rivaled be few. Of course, so many skaters here at MRD: Micro, Scout, Blanche, Grrr, Slay. Those ladies who push through the pain to skate, and work hard for the good of the team. 
2014 interleague goals? Perform as well as we are able to in any given moment. Know that win/lose we did our best at the end of the bout, keep it about the experience and being grateful enough to be here doing this crazy-awesome thing we call roller derby. 
My karaoke song of choice is: CCR’s “Proud Mary” or Stealer’s Wheel’s “Stuck in the Middle.”
One thing that always cheers me up is: Love from my pug, Ruby. Also, roller coasters. I am a coaster junkie.
The quote I tend to live by is: “It’s not about what you walk away from, it’s about what you walk away with.” Lil Wayne.
I know it’s a little weird, but: I HATE avocados.
The best derby advice I’ve ever gotten has been: Just breathe.

The best derby advice I can give is: Be yourself, try your hardest, and give it all for the good of your team–win or lose, that’s what’s worth it in the end.

My biggest guilty pleasure is: Talenti Banana Chocolate Swirl gelato.
The best thing about being part of MRD is: The family/support the derby community provides. I have everything I need right here with these folks!

shanShantastic McAwesome – #HI 5 – Team Unicorn

Nickname: Shan, Shan!, Sharktastic McJawsome, Shantastic McArrrsome
Home Team: Vaudeville Vixens
Positions Played: I’m happy to play any role on the track, but I especially want to work on being better at jamming.
Years Participated: Started skating with the Stateline Roller Derby Divas in 2009, was a skating official for MRD, joined the Mad Wreckin’ Dolls and moves to Madison, got drafted to MRD in February 2014.
MRD League Job: Fan Experience Pivot
How did you find derby? My friend’s mom was at the Rock County Women’s Expo and told me about meeting the Beloit team, so I went with a friend to check it out. My friend wanted to join and I was mostly there for support. My friend wound up quitting a year or two later, and I still can’t get enough.
Proudest interleague derby moment: Awarded Most Valuable Blocker when Wreckers played Chippewa Valley Roller Girls 2/15/14 
Players that inspire you–MRD or otherwise: The players that inspire me the most are the brand new skaters who borrow the stanky loaner gear plus a pair of brownies, wobble and fall around the rink and come back for the next practice pumped and ready to do it all over again. Roller derby never gets easy, but it’s especially challenging to learn in the beginning.
2014 interleague goals? Crosstrain like a mofo and stay out of the penalty box. 
When I’m not participating in derby, you’ll find me: Hanging with my pet pug, Buddy.
My karaoke song of choice is: Whatever my friends are singing while I backup dance for them.

You’ll never see me: Drink soda, but especially not diet soda.

One thing that always cheers me up is: Endorphins!
The quote I tend to live by is: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

When no one is around I tend to: Be much less awkward.

I know it’s a little weird, but: I’m really good at drawing cartoon characters…and nothing else.

The best derby advice I’ve ever gotten has been: Don’t fall down.

The best derby advice I can give is: You only get out of derby what you put into it.
I have a bad habit of: Yawning at inopportune moments.

My biggest guilty pleasure is: I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. If it makes you happy, you shouldn’t feel bad about it. You know, unless it’s morally wrong or harms others. 

My favorite post-bout food is: Ian’s Pizza.

The best thing about being part of MRD is: Having the opportunity to play the sport I love most with the people I love most.

thac0THAC0 – United Derby Officials 608

Years Participated: 2.5.
Positions: Non-Cert, HNSO, OPR
How did you find derby? I took my now wife to watch roller derby for our first Valentine’s Day date. We had only been together a short time, and I figured it would be a rollicking good time with low pressure. Little did I know…she became a first session Wrecker, and after spectating for two seasons I knew I wanted to officiate all the derbies.
Proudest interleague derby moment: (2) HNSO/Wrangling for the 2013 Champs Rat City vs London scrimmage. It was a quiet Sunday morning in the US Cellular Arena. I think Hammer Abby said it best: it felt like the Church of Roller Derby. An incredible officiating crew, and just as amazing skaters, doing what we all loved, for the love of it, our only audience being other officials and skaters. And Brewhaha 2013 lineup tracking, doing both the paperwork and Rinxter entry for Gotham vs MNRG with Deadeye Knight lineup spotting for me. Squee so hard.
Officials/NSOs that inspire you–MRD or otherwise: I have had the pleasure of working with both top level skate refs and NSOs. Every single roller derby official inspires me. Every day. We volunteer to do this, so that others may skate.
2014 interleague goals? NSO certification under the new ruleset. Continued learning of skate officiating. More travel with our awesome crew.
When I’m not participating in derby, you’ll find me: Cuddling with our future roller derby girl. Cooking, gaming in all its forms.
My karaoke song of choice is: “My Girl”

You’ll never see me: In a bad mood when roller derby is afoot.

One thing that always cheers me up is: Helping others.
The quote I tend to live by is: “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.” – Mark Twain

When no one is around I tend to: Sing.

I know it’s a little weird, but: Peanut butter and Cheez Whiz sandwiches.

The best derby advice I’ve ever gotten has been: “Dots you can see from space.” – Deadeye Knight, on marking box trips on the IWB.

The best derby advice I can give is: You won’t know if you can do it unless you try. And if you fail, try again. Nothing worth doing is easy until you have the experience. Anyone who looks effortless, had put in a lot of effort to get there.
I have a bad habit of: Not being able to shut off my brain after derby. I have vivid derby dreams deconstructing events in slo-mo and stop frame, after the fact.

My biggest guilty pleasure is: Gaming or reading until the sun comes up. 

My favorite post-bout food is: Poutine.

The best thing about being part of MRD is: Traveling elsewhere to see how good we have it. This is one of the best leagues in the world, with some of the nicest and hardest working people I have ever met. I am proud to be MRD. I am proud to be UDO.

mackMack the Knife – #15 – Dairyland Dolls (A)

Nickname: Mack, Mack Attack
Home Team: None (free agent)
Years Participated: 8
Positions Played: Current: Blocker. Previous: Blocker/jammer.

MRD League Job: DD co-captain, training committee.

How did you find derby? On a flier!
Proudest interleague derby moment: Going to WFTDA Champs in 2009.
Players that inspire you–MRD or otherwise: I remember seeing Princess America jam at WFTDA Regionals in 2007. She had the brightest smile when she jammed. Pure Joy. I love watching super agile skaters like Joy Collision and Hauss the Boss.
2014 interleague goals? My team has offered me a great opportunity this season; the opportunity to coordinate their training program and help lead us through a season of improvement. With the DD’s commitment and collaboration, I hope to see our team excel at a higher level of competitive play, and take over the world. 🙂
When I’m not participating in derby, you’ll find me: At the gym. I’m an addict.
My karaoke song of choice is: “Dancing With Myself” by Billy Idol.

You’ll never see me: Shooting guns. They creep me out.

One thing that always cheers me up is: Chi-Chi, my chinchilla. She is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

The best derby advice I’ve ever gotten has been: There’s no ‘right’ way to play derby. You’ll never skate like anyone else, so discover your strengths and use them.

The best derby advice I can give is: Trust your instints and don’t think too hard in the game.

My biggest guilty pleasure is: Popcorn and hot sauce!
The best thing about being part of MRD is: Knowing so many amazing people.