Meet Your League! Part 4.

Welcome to a new, regular feature on the MRD blog: Meet Your League! In this series, we’ll be profiling skaters, referees, and support staff to help you get a little more familiar with the incredible people who make this league tick.

Then come on out to the Barn (Hartmeyer Ice Arena, 1834 Commercial Ave. in Madison) on Saturday, July 12 to watch the Dairyland Dolls B-Team take on Detroit’s Motor City Disassembly Line, and Team Unicorn sparkle all over the St. Cloud SCAR Dolls.

793766_705903556102731_336733355_oSlayhound – #313 – Dairyland Dolls (B Team)

Nickname: Slay
Home Team: Quad Squad
Positions Played: Blocker/Pivot
Years Participated: Going into my fourth year with MRD, and played one year with a league formerly known as the Stateline Roller Derby Divas.
MRD League Job: Finishing a term on the Executive Board, and ticket master
How did you find derby? My husband and I went to a derby bout for a Valentines date and I said, “I have to do this.” It took me two years of training and learning to make an MRD team.
Proudest interleague derby moment: The entire B-Cup 2014 experience.
Players that inspire you–MRD or otherwise: My leaguemates that recognize their weaknesses and fears and work so hard to make them their strengths.
2014 interleague goals? Being consistent so my teammates can rely on me, and working on having a strong leadership voice on the track.
When I’m not playing derby, you’ll find me: Eating, hanging out with my hubbie and pets and other family, eating, wine club that reads books, working, cooking and eating.
One thing that always cheers me up is: Free candy, or really any free food.
The quote I tend to live by is: I’m trying really hard to remind myself to live by, “You can’t control other people’s behavior, but you can control your responses to it.” I don’t know how well it’s going though.
When no one is around I tend to: eat all the snacks and call it dinner.
My biggest guilty pleasure is: Anything with cheese.
My favorite post-bout food is: Culvers butterburger with cheese and ketchup and pickles and cheese curds.
The best thing about being part of MRD is: Playing roller derby with my FRANDS!

894594_10202833891799991_7251000022794675505_oBumble Beatdown – #B222 – Team Unicorn

Nickname: Tuna, Bee
Home Team: Unholy Rollers
Positions Played: Blocker, sometimes jammer
Years Participated: 2013-14 was my rookie season!
MRD League Job: Ticket and poster runner, Safety Squad, Rules Test Grader, EB Unholy Rollers rep
How did you find derby? My husband worked with a former Quad Squad skater, so a bunch of people from his job went to a bout to support her. I was hooked!
Players that inspire you–MRD or otherwise: MRD: Magic Missile and Splatter Alice; outside of MRD: Hauss the Boss, Smarty Pants, Polly Gone, Stefanie Mainey, Raw Heidi. Anyone who works hard and has a good attitude.
2014 interleague goals? Get lead jammer for Team Unicorn and pop the unicorn horn! And spread some sparkly unicorn love, of course.
When I’m not participating in derby, you’ll find me: Watching derby footage, working out, or binge watching TV shows on Netflix.
You’ll never see me: Sing karaoke! I’ll scream the words from the crowd, but if you put a mic in face I’ll go mute!
One thing that always cheers me up is: Snuggling with my cats and husband, watching the Office.
I know it’s a little weird but: It bothers me when someone’s helmet cover isn’t on all the way. I get nervous that it’s going to come off!
The best derby advice I’ve ever gotten has been: “My attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength.” – Michael Jordan. It’s not directed toward derby, but it’s completely applicable and makes me work harder on moves and drills that make me uncomfortable.
The best derby advice I can give is: Go to practice and be mentally present. Your practice habits become your bouting habits, so working hard in practice pays off. You are responsible for challenging yourself.
I have a bad habit of: Checking my phone constantly and not being able to sit still!
The best thing about being part of MRD is: The community. It becomes your family.

10336815_10202796836220475_6022770089444737975_nChaotic Neutral – United Derby Officials 608

Nickname: Neut, OH GOD MY EYES
Certifications & Positions: Non-cert. Skating: OPR and Jam. NSO: penalty timer, penalty box manager, lineup tracker, scoreboard op, penalty tracker, jam timer
Years Participated: 3
How did you find derby? I was dragged to derby by my sister in law WAY back in season two, I believe. I was hooked but wasn’t living in the area. Then she became a skater and I kept going to bouts when I was in town. Fast forward a few years and I moved here and heard the call for ref tryouts. I thought to myself, “I used to skate! How hard can it be? I can TOTALLY do this!” It’s been simultaneously the most difficult and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.
Proudest interleague derby moment: At Skate to Thrill 2014, I was signed up to NSO and one of the crews was short an OPR. Ended up covering all my NSO games AND skating two games as OPR and rocking all of it!
Players that inspire you–MRD or otherwise: Whistler, Adamphetamine, Y.I. Otter, Rev Riot
2014 interleague goals? Become far more awesome than you can possibly imagine.
When I’m not participating in roller derby, you’ll find me: Cooking, remodeling, in my shop, gaming, going to concerts, playing music, being fabulous.
I know it’s a little weird, but: This applies to absolutely everything about me.
The best derby advice I’ve ever gotten has been: “Everyone’s going to screw things up in this game. Shoot for limiting it to one big thing and two little things. Identify them, own them, and learn from them for next time.” – Rev Riot
The best derby advice I can give is: Every step forward counts, no matter how small. It means you’re still making progress and that’s what’s important. It’s not a contest against other people. It’s a contest against yourself to be better today than you were yesterday.
I have a bad habit of: Wearing leggings that cannot be unseen.
The best thing about being part of MRD is: The awesomely amazing people.