Meet Your League! Part 2.

 Welcome to a new, regular feature on the MRD blog: Meet Your League! In this series, we’ll be profiling skaters, referees, and support staff to help you get a little more familiar with the incredible people who make this league tick.

Then come on out to the Barn (Hartmeyer Ice Arena, 1834 Commercial Ave. in Madison) on Saturday, June 14 to watch the Dairyland Dolls take on visiting Minnesota Rollergirls, with an opening bout between the sparkly Team Unicorn and the Minnesota Nice!

Splatter Alice – #987 – Dairyland Dolls (A Team)

Nickname: Alice
Home Team: Unholy Rollers
Positions Played: Jammer
Years Played: 4
MRD League Job: General Manager
How Did You Find Derby? A friend in New Jersey suggested it, and I eventually found myself driving two hours a day, three to five days a week to strap on skates and hit other women as hard as I can.
Proudest Interleague Derby Moment: Winning 2014 B Cup with Dairyland Dolls B Team.
Players That Inspire You, MRD or Otherwise: There are far too many to name. Probably the top of my list is my leaguemate Magic Missile. We both started this journey in 2010, and seeing how she’s improved always inspires me to work harder to keep being awesome with her.
When I’m not participating in derby, you’ll find me: Driving to derby. Or working until it’s time to go to derby. Or cross training for derby. Or sleeping.
The quote I tend to live by is: “Self-consciousness is the enemy of accomplishment.”
The best derby advice I’ve ever been given is: “Eyes up, Alice!”
The best derby advice I can give is: Never, ever run into Bat R Up (OCCRG).
I have a bad habit of: Mixing up or forgetting names.
My biggest guilty pleasure is: Shoes.
My favorite post-bout food is: Everything.

conanConan the Librarian – #796 – Team Unicorn

Nickname: Conan
Home Team: Quad Squad
Positions Played: Dancing from the bench! In my previous league (Taos, New Mexico) I was mostly a blocker.
Years Played: 3 years with Duke City, drafted to MRD in February 2014
MRD League Job: Ticket committee in 2013-14, assisting with PR in 2014-15.
How did you find derby? When I lived in St. Louis, Arch Rival Roller Girls started up and several of my friends joined. I was teaching full-time, in a Master’s program and running two extracurricular student publications, so I had to settle for pining for derby until I moved and started a new team in Taos, NM.
Proudest interleague derby moment: I’m just so excited to play with Team Unicorn this summer!
Players that inspire you, MRD or otherwise: I have so many derby crushes: Allie Gator, Rita Slayworth, Mouse, Lil Miss, Thrill Show, Sequin Destroyer, Glock Ness, Shananaguns, Blanche Devereauxxx (all with MRD). Fifi Nomenon at TXRD, Amanda Jamitinya with Bay Area, and my friends and derby family with Duke City Derby, the Taos Whiplashes and the Los Alamos Derby Dames in NM.
2014 interleague goals? I just want to improve, have fun and spend time hitting my friends.
When I’m not participating in derby, you’ll find me: Working at a real library, at home reading (of course), playing ice hockey with the Sun Prarie Rage, or spending time with my pals on and off-skates.
My karaoke song of choice is: Welllllllllll, I messed up “Baby Got Back” at a gay bar in Columbia, Missouri after an ARRG bout in 2005 or 2006 and have never recovered from the trauma. I am strictly a back-up dancer these days.
One thing that always cheers me up is: The song “Bubble Butt” by Major Lazer, gummy candy, hugs from my friends, fart jokes and dance parties.
The quote I tend to live by is: “Work hard, play hard.”
The best derby advice I can give is: You have to start somewhere, so why not start here, now!
I have a bad habit of: Getting super frustrated with myself and also eating fairly unhealthy (like Monsters and candy for breakfast).
My biggest guilty pleasure is: Cheesy pop music, YA vampire novels and obsessive Facebooking.
My favorite post-bout food is: PBR (Awesome MRD sponsor!).
The best thing about being part of MRD is: Celebrating and spending time with so many women who are each beautiful, strong, smart, capable and amazing in her own way.

ZDORK – #3049 – Referee with United Derby Officials 608

Nickname: Z, Dork, Chief
Home Team: UDO608
Positions Held/Certifications: Certified – Level 3 – Jammer Referee, Outside Pack Referee Trained – Pretty much everything except Penalty Box Manager and Scoreboard Operator
Years Played: 4.5
MRD League Job: Ref Rep, Head Referee
How Did You Find Derby? It found me. Started dating a lady in Iowa City (when I was living there) who I didn’t know was a derby skater. What started off as “you could come to practice if you like and time our drills” became “you could learn to skate if you wanted so we could outdoor skate together,” and finally “we are really short referees, want to throw on some stripes?” Haven’t stopped since.
Proudest interleague derby moment: Clover Cup 2014 – Dallas, TX. My first Sanctioned Tournament as a Crew Head Referee. And traveling to St. Louis with 6 other UDO Referees and 5 NSOs to staff the majority of 3 travel games, in which all UDO officials performed exceptionally.
People that inspire you, MRD or otherwise: Whistler, Umpire Strikes Back, Polly Wogg.
2014 interleague goals? Train all UDO officials up to WFTDA Tournament ability.
When I’m not participating in derby, you’ll find me: Answering emails about roller derby, outdoor skating, playing video games, reading.
One thing that always cheers me up is: Animated cat/dog gifs.
The quote I tend to live by is: “Never surrender, never give up.” – Galaxy Quest
I know it’s a little weird, but: Clone High was a great show.
The best derby advice I’ve ever gotten was: Bring the awesome – every game, every jam, every call.
The best derby advice I can give is: Everyone makes mistakes. It isn’t about avoiding them, it is about learning from them.
I have a bad habit of: Thinking too much about everything constantly.
My biggest guilty pleasure is: Listening to K$sha.
The best thing about being part of MRD is: The people. All of the skaters, UDO, and volunteers are kind, high-caliber individuals who exemplify the derby spirit.