Meet Your League! And get ready for Brew Ha Ha 2014

Welcome to a new, regular feature on the MRD blog: Meet Your League! In this series, we’ll be profiling skaters, referees, and support staff to help you get a little more familiar with the incredible people who make this league tick.

In anticipation of the 2014 Midwest Brew Ha Ha taking place this weekend in Milwaukee, we’re highlighting two Dairyland Dolls skaters (one from the A team, one from the B team), as well as one of our most stalwart NSOs. We hope to see you at the event and cheering on the DDs! Full schedule of events here



photo by Dave Schrader

Gene Lane – #366 – Dairyland Dolls (A)

Home Team: Reservoir Dolls
Nickname: Gangsta Lean
Positions Played: Blocker
Years Played: 5
MRD League Job: Bout production manager

How did you find derby? I went with my co-workers to a bout at a skating rink and knew I wanted in. I met Dee Toure (former Unholy Roller) and she helped hook me up with a pair of skates.

Proudest Interleague Derby Moment: Winning League MVP Blocker in 2013. Also, my first Dairyland Dolls bout in April 2011–it was against Detroit and it was so much fun I knew I wanted to stick with DD travel!

Players that inspire you, MRD or otherwise: Whenever I watch derby, I am always amazed at the skills individual skaters and teams bring to the track. It is always hard to cheer for a team to win, I just like to cheer for people doing amazing things.

2014 interleague goals? Improve my individuals skills for the strength of the team, learn to channel my inner beast, and find a way to remove the pink color-bleed from my white uniform! Pro-tip, don’t ever wear a brand new magenta colored sports bra under a white uniform top! Lesson learned!

When I’m not participating in derby, you’ll find me: Crime Fighting, Photography, Gardening, Cooking, PROJECTS.

You’ll never see me: Using bottled lemon juice. Lemons are cheap and easy to squeeze and everything tastes better.

One thing that always cheers me up is: My dog Oscar, he has a natural smile and black spots on his tongue and thinks he is a lap dog even though he is 100 lbs.

The quote I tend to live by is: A meal without wine is called breakfast.

I know it’s a little weird, but: I like cutting things. After a bad day, making a huge pile of mis en place is very satisfying!

The best derby advice I can give is: Discover your skill set and use it to your advantage. We all have different bodies and different strengths.

The best thing about being part of MRD is: Going on travel adventures with friends!



photo by Dave Schrader

Gertrude Awakening – #0W – Dairyland Dolls (B)

Home Team: Vaudeville Vixens
Nickname: Grrr, Pickle (because “Grrr can” sounds like gherkin)
Positions Played: Jammer
Years Played: 5
MRD League Job: Former rules and play co-manager, Vaudeville Vixens co-captain

How did you find derby? I saw Rollergirls on TV and once I found out Madison had roller derby I knew I had to try out!

Proudest interleague derby moment: Every time someone on my team tells me I did a good job; I try to make every moment count.

Players that inspire you, MRD or otherwise: The players that work their behinds off to improve.

2014 interleague goals? Score points, block b*tches, make my team and captain proud.

When I’m not participating in derby, you’ll find me: Working, rollerblading, training my dog, reading.

One thing that always cheers me up is: PUPPIES!

The quote I tend to live by is: “This is your life, and it’s ending one minute at a time.”

The best derby advice I’ve ever been given is: “Punch ’em in the mouth!” – Feminine Hyjinx (But seriously, don’t punch anyone!)

I have a bad habit of: Not reading my emails quickly enough!

My favorite post-bout food is: Pizza.

The best thing about being part of MRD is: Knowing all the awesome people!



photo by Sean Hale

Sho’Nuff – NSO (United Derby Officials 608)
Nickname: Sho, Mr. Nuff
Positions/certifications: WFTDA Level 3 NSO with Penalty Management Endorsement
Years participated: 3.5
MRD League Job: Head NSO


How did you find derby? One friend saw MRD’s first bout and got more friends to go to the next one. They got more friends to go see it and they got me to go see it.

Proudest interleague derby moment: Getting a call from Judge Knot (of the Texas Roller Girls) offering me a THNSO (Tournament Head – Non Skating Official) spot for a WFTDA tournament.

Other officials/NSOs that inspire you, MRD or otherwise: Rev Riot, The Gorram Reaver, Whistler, Deadeye Knight, Stabby McNeedles, Intejill.

2014 UDO goals? To see UDO become an even more amazing crew than it already is. To THNSO my first tournament.

When I’m not participating in derby, you’ll find me: Usually doing other derby related activities.  Sometimes gaming–I still even game with some non-derby friends and they see me every few weeks!

My karaoke song of choice is: You don’t want it to happen, it just isn’t a good thing.

One thing that always cheers me up is: My cats.

I know it’s a little weird, but: I often have theme music for whatever is going on around me playing in my head.

The best derby advice I’ve ever gotten is: Learn from your mistakes, don’t dwell on them.

The best derby advice I can give is: We do this for fun. Make sure you remember why you love it and everything else will work out.

My biggest guilty pleasure is: Roller derby officiating forums. I spend way too much time on them!

My favorite post-bout food is: Pizza or dumplings.

The best part of being part of MRD is: The people!